Thursday, December 31, 2009

cry baby

It snowed a lot at our house yesterday.

Well over a foot.

Knowing that the trek to work was going to be a treacherous one, I woke up earlier than usually to make sure I left my house in plenty of time to arrive to work on time (and safely).

I headed out of my neighborhood. I never judge the roads from my neighborhood because they are always much worse than everything else. So I disregarded the slipping and sliding.

I left my house at 7:00am. I arrived back at my house at 7:20am. I couldn’t disregard the fact that I slid down an entire hill (one of the hills not in my neighborhood)! What normally takes me 2 minutes took me twenty and I decided that I really didn’t want to drive 2 hours to get to work, slipping and sliding off the road.

So I called in. And I may have been a blubbering mess when I left the message for my boss (in my defense, I had calmed myself down, but as soon as I started talking about the sliding I lost it. Again.).

I was scared.

And today being back at work, I’m embarrassed.

I know my message sounded much worse than the situation really was. My coworkers all told me they were happy I made it to work safely today.

Yep, embarrassed.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

keeping traditions alive

It wouldn’t have been Christmas without an ugly Christmas sweater party.

 Gingerbread cupcakes with lemon cream cheese frosting...
yep, from scratch.  I hope people don't get use to this.

A couple of weekends ago my great friend Shelli had a get together at her new place. I must say that Shelli is the hostess with the mostess. Fun and yummy appetizers, delicious main dish, hot cocoa in cute mugs, games, a Christmas movie…doesn’t it sound wonderful? It was.

late night stroll

Thanks for the great idea husband!

a very merry Christmas

Gordon found out that when you make lists of things you want for Christmas you actually get those things and almost nothing else (he was so happy to only get one article of clothing…I love buying him clothes so I was not so happy). All he wanted this Christmas was tools. Tools for fixing and perfecting. Tools that will mainly be used on this.

  Wait...only one shoe?

 My cleaver husband thought it would be funny 
to wrap my shoes separately...yep, funny.

I have never purchased a tool before. He must have known this because his Christmas list was detailed with web links of each item so I would know exactly what to buy. I took that list with me to the tool store and gave it to one of the workers there and they did all my searching for me. Happily I can say he got just about everything on that list (thanks to family for helping me with that). And what he didn’t get he can buy with the extra cash he inherited on Christmas.

It was so important to me that Gordon have a wonderful Christmas. This may come as a shock (or may not) but I tend to be a bit selfish. I am spoiled (and my husband contributes to that). I usually always get what I ask for (and more). Gordon usually doesn’t ask for things. He’ll give me a few ideas and then I get to rack my brain for more ideas. He usually gets a lot of media and clothes. Not that he doesn’t like those things. But this Christmas was different. And he was so thankful for everything he was given. He kept saying that I gave him more than he gave me. It’s usually the other way around. I really like that he said that.

Our Christmas was full of the family chaos that we love. Our Christmas together, then Petersen family Christmas breakfast (which is oh so delicious, thanks LeeAnn), then my Mom’s, Aunt Lyda’s to visit Grandma B., back to my Mom’s for a Christmas with my siblings, then to my Dad’s for more Christmas, then back to my in laws to see Grandpa and Grandpa H., and celebrate Christmas with Gordon’s siblings. From 8am-10pm we were up and going, dogs included in all festivities this year (which was another Christmas present for me, I think).

 I always tell Gordon I would help him shovel, 
if only we had two...
now we do.  Thanks Santa!

 Briggs did NOT like this toy car.
It invaded his space.

 I may be in this gift bag...

 Yep, I was.
& poor Briggs was so worried about me he joined me.

 Burton family Christmas Eve party
I had to read to a Christmas book to the children
while the kids stockings were being filled 
with lots of fun stuff from all the aunts and cousins.
Such a fun tradition!

 Gordon thought he fit in much better at the
kids table...he's seriously going to make the best dad some day.

We love having our families so close and getting to see almost everyone Christmas day.

Christ is the reason for the season and we see and feel this through our family and friends.

Indeed, we had a very merry Christmas.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Crossed off and done

I’m a list maker. I make list for everything: shopping, work tasks, events, etc. Some of these lists are itemized in great detail. Others are simpler with one word that sums up what I need or need to do. I like making list (although sometimes they can be very overwhelming). I really like crossing off items from my lists, especially big items such as Christmas shopping and Ward Christmas Party. My stress level decreases and I can see my accomplishments. Our Ward Christmas Party was my favorite to cross off my list this week.

A lot of work goes into these ward activities you know. 5 turkeys, 25 pounds of real mashed potatoes, 15 boxes of Stove Top stuffing, 20 cans of gravy (Stove Top stuffing and canned gravy are not the best I know, but when you’re feeding the masses that doesn’t matter so much), and many side dishes and desserts from ward members…all to feed 97 people (at least that was the count our bishop got; he’s sure he missed a few).
You don’t really get to enjoy these big ward activities when you plan and put them on. I can’t tell you how thankful we are to our wonderful committee who put in a lot of work to help execute this big dinner/activity. We were told many times throughout the evening that it was a success.
We have a small break till our next activity in February. We’ve decided no more big dinners for awhile…like 8 months (which is when our ward campout will be; sadly I’m already thinking about the list I’ll be making for that activity).

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

They’ve been talking about you…they’re excited you’re coming!

Aren’t those the words every new employee wants to here? Those words sure have made Gordon just as excited as he was on our wedding day (assuming he was as excited as me) to begin his new dream career at a place he has wanted to work at since they relocated their winter and outdoor headquarters in our city (someone asked him how he heard about this job. He said he’s been checking their company’s website for the past 4 years, applying for just about every open position…yes even the vice president position – okay that may have been a small joke, but I want you all to know how badly he has wanted to work for this company). This company, who just happens to be the largest manufacturer of sporting equipment in the world (and sports that Gordon participates in like all mountain sports-both summer and winter, mountain climbing, ski/snowboarding, and cycling to just to name a few), is somewhere we are hoping Gordon will work for a very, very long time.

His work duties will include such things as working with sponsored athletes and pro shops to make sure they get everything they need, process supply orders for all their global brands, and a lot of other things that right now he has no idea that he’ll be doing (he just started working there and is still learning all his duties).

I cannot express how happy I am for him. He has been grinning from ear to ear ever since he accepted the position. Knowing he is happy going to work each day makes me relieved and filled with so much joy and excitement for him. Anyone that knows Gordon knows he’s the perfect person to work for a company like this. I know he is going to knock their socks off with all his mad skills (and all the mad skills he’s going to acquire working there too).

Gordon, I am so proud of you. You have worked so hard to get to this point in your life. All the crummy jobs you’ve had in the past have actually helped you get to this point. Who knew?! I’m excited that I get to be on this eternal journey with you. I’m eager to hear all of your work stories. I’m also eager to watch you grow with this company. I love you so much. Congrats!

*Oh did I mention that over half of this is company is located in Europe. Gordon and I have discussed this matter and are both on board if they need us to relocate. What an adventure!

On his first day Gordon wore a competitors brand jacket to work.
They told him he wasn't allowed to wear it anymore
(which at first he thought they were joking...turns out they were serious).
The next morning there was this brand new jacket hanging on his office chair.

If my sore knee and hip (which is a new pain by the way) aren't proof enough...

"Hardcastle" girls
Melanie, Jodi, and Me

Me and Shelli

Jodi, Me, and Shelli

All of us!  Great job ladies!  We did it!

These pictures are worth much more to me than this one...

This year I actually ran, not walked, the Thanksgiving 5 mile race.

Big accomplishment.

And although the miles didn't quite add up to 5 (I'm still upset about it!), my body has changed.  I feel pain.  Pain in my right knee and left hip.  Apparently my body doesn't love running as much as I wish it did.

It really isn't going to love it when I run Ogden's Half Marathon in May.

This 13.1 mile run has been described like this:

The 1/2 Marathon course begins at the last half of the full Marathon at an elevation of 5,000 feet. You will start the 1/2 by running around Pineview Reservoir then drop into Ogden Canyon where you will run along the roaring Ogden River. Breathtaking views of pine covered slopes changing into steep rock faces will be encountered along with quaint homes nestled along the river's edge. Exiting the canyon you run (home? it is so close) onto the Ogden River Parkway for approximately 2 miles which will take you past Dinosaur Park and the Utah State University Botanical Gardens. The course ends downtown on Historic 25th street at an elevation of 4,309 Feet.

I still don't know what I'm getting myself into.  I blame you, Jodi (however, you wouldn't be the best gym partner, and running mate, ever if it wasn't for things like this - so I guess I should say 'thank you'...but right now I'm just going to blame you).

Friday, December 11, 2009


I feel pretty confident that I would {and someday just might} make a wonderful housewife.

I’ve got the whole cleaning thing down {every Saturday I do my ‘chores’ before I do anything else…well maybe I go do cardio and yoga first, but definitely after those comes cleaning}.

I do laundry occasionally.

And I’ve even ironed Gordon’s dress shirt once.

Now I’m working on the whole cooking thing. I’ve cooked twice this week in fact {which might be a first…poor husband of mine}. And from scratch both times. I have proof {at least of one night’s dinner}.

I even tried to make these chocolate chip pancakes as healthy as I could…substituted no-sugar applesauce for the oil, used wheat flour instead of white… So what if the cinnamon honey syrup had a whole stick of butter in it {it was dang good and I would/will make it again}.

Now I’ve just got to work on the whole stay at home thing…the dogs aren’t a good enough reason {at least that's what Gordon says}.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Good tidings of comfort and joy

I am very fortunate to first- have a job, and second- to have a job that I {for the most part} love. And at this time of year I really love my job.

I get to be the coordinator for a holiday gift drive for senior citizens. When I first put this together last year it was sad to see all the elderly in need, and it was even sadder to see what they were in need of {I’m talking money for groceries, hygiene items, everyday living items, etc}. This year my list of seniors in need doubled. The good news is people want to help. I have received numerous phone calls/emails from people in the community wanting to do whatever they can for these sweet seniors. Some are even taking multiple gift donation requests. And although I’m not the one giving, I feel a bit selfish because I get to see all the happy faces when the gifts are delivered. I get the never ending thank you’s. I get to feel all the warm fuzzys.

There are good things happening in the world. And I’m so blessed to be apart of them.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Something's gotta give

Hot drink.


Warm winter boots w/faux fur inside.


Yet still freezing.

Wish I could use my space heater, but it trips the breaker.

Not nearly as productive as I could be given these work conditions {I’m obviously working harder at staying warm than anything else I actually have to do today}.

If this isn’t a perfect reason to buy more sweaters and cardigans, than I don’t know what is.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Dear Gordon,

Thank you for letting me take you on date this weekend and treating you to a movie that was my choice, and dinner which was my choice, and dessert which also just happened to be my choice.

(we tried a new ice cream shop, SubZero ice cream. It was amazing and oh so delicious)

Thank you for putting new tires on my car so I’m safe on my commute each day. They made a huge difference this windy snowy morning.

Thank you for snuggling with me last night during the wind storm (which I wasn’t scared about until you said you were a bit nervous that the wind might damage our house…thankfully the only thing that happened was a blown off window screen. Crazy canyon wind!).

Thank you for wanting to "just hang out at home, just us" almost every Friday night, eat a frozen pizza, cuddle with the dogs and me, and watch a movie.

Thank you for being so unselfish that you would have waited a little longer to have your dream come true if the answer to my prayers wasn't the same as yours.

Thank you for not getting too upset about this post. I do it all out of love (and because this is my journal).

I love you.

Add a warm drink and it's a date

There’s something about Christmas lights that really puts me in the mood for the Christmas season. A couple of weeks ago we went to our city’s light parade and opening of the Christmas Village attraction. I don’t really care much for either of these things, but I love to see people’s creativity come alive with the decoration of the parade floats (which this year’s creativity was lacking…come on people!). The more lights the parade float had the more I liked the float.

It was a chilly night so to warm up we stopped by a local coffee shop and got steamed milk and hot cocoa (which is my absolute favorite thing to do, get warm drinks. And if their fancy warm drinks, that’s even better). My gingerbread steamed milk/hot cocoa creation was magical.

Thanks husband for doing these ridiculous things with me (taking a picture in front of this sign is ridiculous to him…taking pictures when we’re anywhere is ridiculous to him, yet he continues to do it. And all for me. I sure do love him. A lot.).

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hi Darlin' Pie

Gordon and I aren't ones for calling each other by "pet names". Sometimes a 'honey' pops out of my mouth, but for the most part I just call Gordon 'Gordon' (or 'husband') and he does the same, but he calls me 'wife'. You won't hear a 'babe' or 'baby' come out of our mouths (not that there's anything wrong with people that do this...). However, it seems that Gordon has changed this (not the 'babe' or 'baby' part, but the pet name part). For the past couple of years Gordon has jokingly called me 'darlin', 'darlin' pie', 'puddin pie', 'snookums'.

Well guess what? They've stuck.

And although they are still a joke, he says them to me all the time. And you know what? I like 'em. All of them. I like when I call him he answers the phone "Hi darlin' pie". Or when I get home from work and he greets me with a "Hey snookums". And although he says them with a lot of sarcasm, he cannot not use them. Yes, they are still very much a joke, but these are jokes I'm never going to get sick of {and they are the reason our blog is named 'Ok Darlin'}.

I love you husband.

{he's going to kill me for putting this picture of him on our blog...
but I needed a silly picture for a silly post}