Monday, February 10, 2014

grizzly ridge yurt, ashley national forest - utah

every now and then a girl is taken to a secret getaway by her husband.
this was one of those times.
just outside of vernal, utah is ashley national forest.
i have been telling gordon forever that on my adventure wishlist is to stay in a yurt.
he made another one of my wishes come true.
i was surprised and didn't ask once where he was taking me.
he realized how much i trust him wholeheartedly because i never asked once where he was taking me.
i trusted he wouldn't take somewhere or do something i wouldn't like.
i was right.
we had to backpack to get to the yurt.  it was a slow few miles, up a slight hill, in snowshoes.
i've done easier things...
but i still enjoyed myself.

i was so proud of my pup, briggs, who, at 11 years, showed this snowy trail who's boss.

this was a lovely sight to see!!

glamping?  why yes, don't mind if i do!

melting snow for water.
warming up and drying off by the wood burning stove.
looking at the moon through the sky window at the top of the yurt.
morning view.
outhouse (i told you we were glamping).
mountain folk.
i may or may not have told gordon i could live in a place like this...
down the mountain we go!
rabbit tracks everywhere!
and the wee one leading us all the way back to truck without us picking her up once.
seriously, my little pups are amazing!