Saturday, March 28, 2009

Just What I Needed

I usually start my Saturdays off with yoga. This Saturday I traded my yoga mat for a tissue and went my stakes Relief Society's birthday party. I was excited to go, not only because most of my really close friends are in my stake, but because Hilary Weeks was going to be the guest speaker. For those of you that may not know, Hilary Weeks is a LDS musician. She's amazing! I didn't know this, but she's also a great motivational speaker. She spoke to us about believing in ourselves and what we are doing. She touched on so many great points. I could have listened to her forever. I don't think one sister left the chapel with dry eyes. I am so grateful to have a Heavenly Father who loves me. I am grateful that I know that he loves me. I'm also grateful that I was able to share this deeply spiritual experience with my close friends. I know we all needed to hear her message.

First Pick...Me...Really?

I’ve never really been good at anything, and by anything I mean extracurricular activities—specifically sports. I definitely have never been chosen first to be on someone’s team…that is until this past week.

My work has a corporate wellness program which I actively take part in. Each month we track our physical activity on a monthly log (there’s a chance for a reward which is why I track my activity NOT why I do the activity). Some months there are challenges that the program issues. I participate in those, again there’s a reward factor which is not the reason I do the challenge…most of the time I’m already doing what the challenge is challenging participants to do. Next month’s challenge is called Active for Life, pretty self explanatory title. Anyway, each department creates teams to compete with each other. The team captain of my department was very excited about this month’s challenge. She told everyone she has a secret weapon…ME! So before I even decided if I was going to participate in the challenge I had already been picked to be on a team. Actually, I was the first person picked. My team’s captain had a set a goal for each person on her team to do an hour of physical activity a day, and without even asking me if I would accept her goal or be on her team, my name was on her roster. She said I would “rack up the points” if someone fell behind. Pretty sweet compliment. A lot of pressure too.

So although I’m still horrible at sports and gave up the dream of being chosen first for any team, it happened. Yep, I’m just as surprised as you are.

I Think It's A First

I am proud to say that I have not had one, not even a half of one, not even a small crumb of one, Girl Scout cookie this year! Have I had the chance…you betcha! My mom has a pantry full. Have I been tempted…YES! Those Samoa’s are the death of me. This may be a Guinness World Record. I also don’t know if I’ll last the whole year…my mom makes homemade ice-cream with the death cookies crumbled in it. But I’m gonna try…I’ll just keep thinking “trans fat, trans fat, trans fat” (although they say they don’t have trans fat, they do! I’m a nerd and was part of study when I was in college about Girl Scout cookies and trans fat content. The old Girl Scout cookie labels said they had trans fat. The new ones magically said they didn’t. The ingredients didn’t change—the serving size did. Nice try Girl Scouts!).

The Newest Member Of The Family

Tim’s been talking about getting another sports car ever since he sold his last one which was just before he and my mom were married. Even though we all knew this, we were still very surprised when we went to my mom’s for Sunday dinner and saw that in her garage. Because the weather wasn’t as nice as it had been, none of us got to go for a ride. There’s always next time I guess. She sure was pretty to look at though. Inspiring too…I think I’m ready to learn how to drive a clutch.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday To You My Dear

Although he didn’t get what he really wanted (a land cruiser just wasn’t in the budget this month) Gordon had a pretty great birthday. Of course the festivities started off with Sunday dinners—first from his side of the family then the next Sunday with my side, then a quiet dinner at home with just the two of us. We ordered take-out from one of Gordon’s favorite restaurants, Andy’s (best Greek food ever), he opened his gifts from me, then we relaxed together (I love him so much that I didn’t go to the gym…yeah that says a lot). It wasn’t even a planned thing, but Gordon’s best friend Chris was in town from St. George getting ready to go on a work trip so Gordon was able to hang out with him for a little bit too that evening! Gordon is not one for celebrations. He hates being the center of attention. He tells me every year to just forget his birthday. I never do. I love birthdays! When it comes to my birthday I don’t mind being the center of attention at all. He knows this about me so my birthday always ends up to be a big event that lasts all month long (he’ll even tell you that I mention my birthday on Christmas because Christmas means only 6 more months to the day til my birthday!). Although Gordon doesn’t realize this, or maybe he does, he was the center of attention. He received multiple text messages wishing him a happy day, lots of birthday cards from family and friends, and, although not planned, his best friend was in town to hang out with. Yeah, he was the star of the show yesterday. And I think he loved every minute (which he will never admit). He’s very blessed…we have great family and friends that make sure you know you are loved, especially on your special day.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Why Do We Feel Awkward?

My friends and I have been anticipating this moment ever since we got the news. It was a night none of us were going to miss. This past Wednesday we all gathered together at my house to meet Keri’s internet boyfriend Russell. As we waiting for them to arrive we talked about how awkward we all were going to feel meeting him. Why were we the ones that were going to feel awkward? He was the one coming into my house meeting new people that would be judging him from the moment he walked in to the moment he left. But we did feel awkward…at first. Before he arrived Shelli asked Gordon if he had a gun. He does, and told her it was loaded. We all felt a bit more at ease (for all we knew this was just part of his sick plan…we felt bad after for thinking that). After the ice was broken and stories were told Russell was just another person overwhelmed with us girls talking louder and louder trying to hear ourselves over one another. One of the highlights, or should I say lowlights, of the evening was when Russell’s hickies were exposed! Yep, pretty disgusting. I'm proud to say I have never had a hickie...Yuck! All hickies aside, the two of them seem to have a connection. We thought that maybe Keri was more into Russell than he was into her, but she told us the other day that he's coming back for her birthday in a couple of weeks and she thinks he's going to propose! Although it seems like this is all happening so fast, I'm really happy for Keri. I have never seen her like this before. I guess you can find true love just about anywhere...

Russell and Keri

Shelli, Katherine, Gord, Me (Briggs), Keri and Russell
Shelli, Katherine, Me, Keri

Monday, March 16, 2009

She's Back!!

This is why we pre-wipe our exercise mats before we use them...
also not the best pic of us but I didn't have another one of us at the gym
(especially since I stole this one from Jo's blog)

Oh, how I missed my gym buddy. One surgery after the other has not only affected you, but me too! I don't love going to the gym quite as much when you're not there. I definitely didn't stay for nearly 3 hours when you weren't there (my legs are still wobbly and it's been a good hour since I've been home...great workout tonight!). It's good to have ya back Jodi! Now, let's hold off on the surgeries for awhile mm-k.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Glimpse Into Our Future...

I guess you can call us the lucky ones. Out of all the people that could have watched Baby H, we were the ones Mel and Justin asked (partly because they had a coupon from their Christmas present that was good for one free night out-babysitters included that they hadn't used yet). I'm not going to lie to you, we were both a little nervous (Gordon more than me). On the way down Gordon asked me if I knew how to change a diaper. I joked and told him no, to which he replied "Dang, we should have asked my mom to come with us". With no practice and little instructions, Gordon successfully changed Baby H's diaper (which never was a poopy one...we owe you Baby H).

Justin had joked around with us that this would give us a feel for what's to come in our life. And to tell you the truth I think I'm more ready than I thought. I loved playing with Baby H! It was fun watching him smile and get so excited while we made silly noises and pulled ridiculous faces at him. By far my favorite part of the night was holding him while he slept. We were playing and then all of the sudden he closed his eyes and he was sleeping. It was so funny and cute. We must have wore him out with all the fun we were having. I wrapped him up in his blankey and we relaxed and rocked in the rocking chair. Such a great moment.

On the way home we talked about how excited we are to watch him again (hint hint Mel and Justin). He was such a great little boy for us. Thanks guys for trusting us and letting us watch him. We're so blessed to have such a sweetie pie for a nephew!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Dinner Surprise

It was our monthly girls' dinner night with my college friends (we went to sushi ever). We had A LOT to talk to about! So much has changed in three of the five of our lives. First, Katherine is pregnant! We are all so excited for her and cannot think of better parents than her and Marc. Next, Ally is a newly-wed so we had to hear all about the wedding (it was just the two of them on the romantic) and the honeymoon, and how reality has been for them. And last and definatly the most surprising was Keri's big news...she met someone! And not only has she met someone, they are officially 'boyfriend and girlfriend' (even their facebook says so) and are talking marriage! We could not be happier for her! We have never seen her this happy. None of us have met him yet (she hadn't either until recently...they met online...a very long story) so we're having them over next Wednesday for games and treats. This was by far our most exciting dinner yet! I can't wait til next month...who knows what the news will be!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Have A Little Art With That Soup

Working in the health field has plenty of down sides, but every once in awhile you get to experience an up side. Today was one of those experiences. Businesses want your business and there's not a better way to get you to use their business than by bribing you. A free lunch now and then, Christmas baskets, an occasional pie to take home to your family, or free tickets to an art event are all examples of this bribery that I have been so lucky to be the recipient of. The tickets to an art event was a new one for me but has been my favorite so far.

Both of these are ice-sculptures...pretty sweet.

Tonight two of my closest co-workers and I went to Art and Soup. The title of the event pretty much says it all: local artist showing off their work in hopes to sell it and local businesses showing off their best soups in hopes that those trying it will come into their restaurant for more. The event was held at the Sheraton in SLC. We were there for a couple of hours sampling over 20 different kinds of soups and viewing some amazing artwork from some amazing local artists. Scattered throughout the event were all sorts of people: uppity ups, other artists of all kinds, common folk like myself, and others that looked a bit homeless (which surprised me because it wasn't a cheap event, at least that's what I was told). We had a blast mingling with all these people. I enjoyed getting to know my co-workers better too. They are super fun cute girls!

Nicole and me...
Nicole is the other Health Educator in Senior Services.
She's my office roommate. She also got a new job...
I'm gonna miss her terribly!

Megan and me.
She's stickin' in out with me in Senior Services...thank goodness!

I now consider myself a bit more cultured. And I got to enjoy some dang good soup too!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Adventure Is Just Over The Hill

I’ve been waiting for the perfect day to use my free pass to go snowboarding. This past Saturday was it. The sun was blazing all day. If I knew I wouldn’t be falling a lot I would have hit the hill in only a jacket instead of my big thick coat. But because I’m still a beginner I decided to be safe rather than sorry. Looking back on the day I totally could have just worn a jacket…I’m getting pretty dang good. Even Gordon said he was impressed with my improvements from last year. It’s hard to perfect a hobby when you only practice once or twice a year (and when you’re paying for two it can be very expensive, especially when you can’t just go to any resort).

We had a blast up at Snowbasin. It’s just over the hill (aka mountain) and less than 30 minutes away from our house. One day when we’re rich we’ll have season passes so we can go whenever we want! The best part about the day was being able to forget about everything. Life has been a bit hectic for us. Being able to put all of my energy into perfecting my carving and teach my nephew how to not fall was wonderful.

Proof that Skyler was up and going for a little bit...then he biffed it.

On the way home we decided to keep the adventure running high. Gordon had mentioned ice fishing on the way up to ‘basin. We passed Pineview on the way there and on the way home Gordon “dared” us to walk on the ice that had formed on the dam. Walking on ice is something Gordon fears. He’s done it plenty of times before and each time he doesn’t like. Skyler and I had never done it before so we made a small pit stop to walk on the frozen dam. Gordon and Sky went much further than I did. I was deathly afraid of falling in, despite the fact that there were a couple of people fishing that were perfectly fine I still was full of fear. I also saw the ice separating from the ground…scary! After I saw that I decided it would be a good idea to plant my feet on the ground. Gordon and Sky made fun of me. Whatever.

Yes, that's Gordon beyond the sign

Almost in the middle of the dam
and he doesn't even look nervous!

Me, on the other hand, couldn't even pretend that I wasn't stiff as a board

That little speck is me waiting for the boys to decide they had enough fun making fun of me

See the ice seperating from way am I gonna get stranded!

This has nothing to do with the dam or snowboarding but it's the Ogden waterfall all frozen. Pretty amazing!

Each of us had an adventurous day. We even have the goggle tan lines to prove it…pretty hot!

Faith or Fear

Lately I’ve been feeling like my life is on shaky ground. The shakiness stems back to my job and lack of job security (Gordon’s too). The other health educator who works for my same division has found herself a new job so now I have double the work and still no word if I will have a job after June. I think about this constantly. Lately I’ve had a lot of fear in my thoughts. I’ve only been thinking about all the bad things that could happen. Not a good thing to do…pretty much a downer. It shouldn’t surprise me that again in church the lesson was meant for me.

Arrienne gave a very simple and much needed lesson on faith this past Sunday. She told us about her grandma. Her grandma thought there were two emotions: faith or fear. If you went to her with a problem she would ask you first if you had prayed about it, then if you had faith or fear. She heard this ‘faith or fear’ question throughout her life. Are you going to be positive about the situation or negative?

You can’t just say you have faith. Saying you have faith doesn’t mean you have it. You have to exercise that faith. That was the other main idea Arrienne reminded us to do. She compared exercising faith to exercising your body. You can't just think about going for a walk and get the benefits, you actually have to get up and go on the walk. You can't just think about having faith, you have to build up your faith by your actions. That is something I need to work on constantly. Especially in times of trial. It takes me a little while to remember that I have to do my part and then He will do his.

I am so blessed to have a Heavenly Father who hears and answers my prayers. That lesson was meant for me. I need to exercise my faith more in everything that I do. By doing so everything will work out as He intends.