Monday, March 11, 2013

weekend moment: st. patty's day party!

par-tay at our house!
for: st. patrick's day
when: march 9 (celebrating early, i know)
grub: not your traditional irish food.  
this mexican decided to make her famous green salsa enchiladas
and our neighbor friends brought guacamole (& chips)
green rice
green rice krispy treats (with white chocolate melted on them, which needs to mentioned because they were delicious) creme soda!
entertainment: besides the adorable little ones, we played the game telestrations and laughed so hard we were crying!  next time i want to sit on the right of jenny and stay clear of gordon and matt.  jenny is an artist.  matt is not.  and gordon doesn't follow rules...and gets sloppy when he's rushed.
can't wait for our next neighborhood get together!

^^oh just a little party decor that. i. made.  it was my first banner.  and won't be my last.

^^more decor that. i. made.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

in the navy

my brother in law has a list of life goals he wants to accomplish.  i love that he shared this list with my sister in law (i think while they were dating) and as long, crazy, and time consuming as i'm sure many of the items on this list were, she told him she would support and help him achieve all of them.

something he can soon check off that list of his: serving his country.  currently, he has been deployed with the united states navy.  he will be in afghanistan for eight months.  EIGHT MONTHS!  did i mention him and my sister in law have 3 kids ages 4 and under?  my sister in law is an amazing woman.  she is strong.  she has "geared" herself up for this.  she has had practice at being a "single mom" (my brother in law travels a lot for work).  that does not mean that being without her husband for eight months will be easy.  but i know she will do it well.  and she will have our love and support (and help!) the entire time.

Monday, March 4, 2013

weekend moment: 50 degrees!

i'm sorry.  i have none of my own photos for this week's weekend moment.  i didn't take my camera or phone on what i had planned on being my first spring trail run this year.

news flash: it's not spring.  the 50 degree weather fooled me good.  when my sister and i reached the beginning of the trail there was a little snow.  not a lot.  we thought we'd hike for a bit til the trail cleared off then we'd run.  the trailed cleared...for about a 100 feet!  we ended up hiking the rest of the way.  in snow.  in our running shoes!  by the end of our "run" our feet were wet and our abs were sore (we couldn't help but pause and laugh at how ridiculous we were!  the first warm day and we both assumed the trails with feet of snow would magically be cleared.  there are a lot of sink holes on that trail, i tell you what!).

so this doesn't happen again, i've ordered some of these:

<em>Salomon Speedcross 3</em> Climashield Trail Running Shoe - Women's S ...
i think every time something doesn't go as planned i should get something new...