Monday, September 16, 2013

travel diary: end of summer extravaganza!

lake powell 2013
we love the marsh family and their open invitation to us to join their family lake powell trip each year.
this year's memorable moments:
rain, rain, and more rain!  it rained for the first 4 1/2 days we were there.  the heavy rain created the most spectacular waterfalls though.  rangers told us rain like we had hasn't happened in 18 years!  so we considered ourselves lucky.
gourmet popcorn.  we ate it more than i'd like to admit.  and the first thing we did when we got home was buy a whirley pop and flavored glazes.  it's been dinner on more than one occasion.
two ton tina.  there's a story behind how gordon acquired her.  it desires it's own post.
movie watching in a cove.
GIANT SPIDER in MY KAYAK! it decided to show itself while i was far enough away from the houseboat that no one could hear me scream.  one of the most terrify thing i've experienced.  it was giant...even gordon will vouch for me.
paddleboarding all day every day (even the rain couldn't get me off those things)
and beautiful sunset after beautiful sunset.
oh lake powell, you have our end of summer hearts forever.