Thursday, July 30, 2009

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

With my group of girlfriends (who I've known since junior high) it's customary that we throw one another a bachelorette party when one of us is getting married. These typically are not wild and crazy...they're just another excuse we have to have a girls' night. This girls' night was different, much more special than the others we've had. It was special because it was my very best friend, Mystie Gray's, bachelorette party. It brought of all us back together for one very long, loud, fun filled night.

We started out at Bree's house for gifts & games...
The bride to be all dressed up in her hula outfit
which she had to wear all night...she loved it!
It's not a bachelorette party without
gifts like these...
We went to dinner at the Mandarin then
off to mini golf...

Rachel, Me, Mystie, Bree, Chana, Shantel, and Cassie
(we're missing a few girls that had to go home early)

Mystie, Me, Bree, Shantel, Cassie, & Chana

Next up...Chana's...and it's only a couple of weeks away! I love getting together with these girls...we may be getting older and we're definitely not as crazy as we use to be but we still know how to have a great time when were all together!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Aint Nothin Better...

Than getting some of your best friends together to go see your favorite band LIVE in concert (I love you Incubus). Oh and having the best seats you've ever had...2nd row baby!
CAUTION: LOTS OF PICTURES...They are my favorite band after all...

Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm Pretty Sure We're Being Flashed

Tonight was much different than my normal nights running around a local pond/park. Tonight I was violated. Tonight some sick-o decided he would ruin our (Jodi and I) great workout session and flash us. Yes, flash us. From the waist down Jodi and I saw much more than the usual ducks and geese...too much more! Here's how it all went down. Jodi and I are making our way around the pond when suddenly Jodi gasps and says "I'm pretty sure we're being flashed" to which she stops, turns around and starts going the other direction. It took me a second to comprehend what she said to me but then I saw what she was talking about and went with her. We're pretty sure it was intended for us too. I can't speak for Jodi, but mostly I was nervous that he was watching us...watching our reactions, watching us walk away from him, watching us get into our cars...just watching us. We called and reported him to the authorities. I also called Gordon to let him know what had happened. Jodi and I will not be going there anymore to do our run. Now we're just going to have to sweat to death and run the track again. Thanks a lot flasher!

Look Who Came To Visit

Bryan, Misha, me, Gordon

I love it when old friends come into town.

I met Misha Hanewickel when I was working at a medical clinic. She had just moved here from Fallbrook, California and landed a job as a receptionist at the clinic. I never would have thought we would be as good of friends as we are today. She has moved back since our days at the clinic, but we still keep in great contact. I’ve been out to visit her and she’s been up to visit me many times. Her family is growing so much and it’s so fun to be Auntie Jess to her little girl (and soon to be little boy).

While they were here a few weeks ago we took them up to one of our favorite restaurants The Oaks which is just up the canyon by our house (I don’t know why it’s one of our favorite, we always have crappy service, but the food is so dang good). We sat by the river and they just thought it was the coolest thing ever. They had never gone there when they were living her so it was fun to take them somewhere new. We caught up on life and enjoyed each others’ company. We hope to go visit once she has her little man later on this summer…Gordon hasn’t been there yet and they live in such a beautiful area of California that I know he would just love it.

I love it when old friends come into town….I hate it when they have to leave.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lots Of Work To Be Done

This month I have had the opportunity of going to the temple three times all for something different.

One of my very best friends, Keri Hales (Patterson now), was married July 11th. I know I have mentioned in the past how special I think attending sealings are but I cannot say it enough. Most importantly, they help me to remember my special day and all the wonderful things that were said to Gordon and me. I remember our sealer telling us how important it is to pray together every night. That has been one of our best strengtheners. He said you find out so much about your spouse by hearing them pray, and I have. All of Gordon’s wants, needs, and blessings I hear every other night (we take turns) and it’s such a special and sacred moment for us. Keri’s sealer told her three times to multiple and replenish the earth and to not give up in trying. I hope she remembers that.

Mr. & Mrs. Patterson
Shelli, Keri, me outside the Ogden Temple
Keri serenaded her new husband
We danced to MJ's 'Thriller'
and Gordon DANCED with me...for the first (and only) time
Shelli, Katherine, Ally, Keri, Me

Her wedding was a blast and I’m going to miss her terribly! The happy couple will be living in New Mexico for a year or so and then they don’t know where they’ll be after that (Russell will be finished with his Masters and then wherever he finds a job is where they’ll be…I hope for somewhere tropical for selfish reason of when we come to visit).

My second opportunity to go to the temple was with my relief society visiting teaching pod. One of the girls in my pod is not endowed yet and had never had the opportunity of doing baptisms for the dead (she’s been a member for about a year and a half and hasn’t had the chance to go). So we thought it would be a wonderful experience to take her to the temple for her very first time (yes, very first time) and do baptisms. I had no idea how difficult it was to be able to do baptisms once you are endowed. You can’t just make an appointment to go. You have to have your own family names. None of us did. Lucky for us a sister came in that night with more names that she could do and we were able to do them for her. It was such a wonderful experience doing baptisms for the dead. I forgot how much I love doing them. What an importance ordinance to do for someone else. And being confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for them…the spirit was so strong. Even the brother that baptized and confirmed us said to me at the end how great of an experience he had doing this with us. Heather had a great time and she wants to go monthly. I hope she tells her husband her great experience and maybe one day he can come too.

My third experience was supporting my cousin, Chase Saxton, while he took out his endowments as he is preparing to go on a mission to the Philippines. My Aunt Shauna’s family is the only family on my Dad’s side that is LDS. I love that I am able to support her and her family as they progress in the church. It has been such a testimony builder for me to see each of them grow, especially my Aunt. It took a LONG time for her to become a member. Just recently she said to my Mom “Why didn’t you tell me it was so hard to be LDS when you were trying to get me to become a member” referring to the temple and the sacred ordinances that take place there…sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming. At the end of our session while we were visiting in the celestial room she came up to Gordon and me and gave us a big hug thanking us for the support and example we have been to her and her family. Little does she know how much they have been a support and example to me. I am so grateful for her steadfastness in the church and for her family and missionaries never giving up faith in her.

Being able to go to the temple as much as I have this month has been such a blessing in my life. My crazy life slows down while I’m there. I see the big picture and my faith and testimony grow that much stronger. I am so grateful that I have a husband that is able to take me there whenever I ask. Knowing we’ll be together for eternity makes me the happiest girl alive.

There is so much work to be done and I am blessed I have the opportunity to help.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The BEST Family Tradition

In no particular order:
Shakes at La Beau's
More gossip magazines than days on vacation
Dogs that sleep the entire night
Sandy licorice
Four-wheeling in the morning, wave-running in the afternoon
Uncle Larry's hammock
11am-4pm guaranteed beach time
Water so cold it you have to prepare yourself to get in (and getting in all the way is most challenging)
Walking/biking trail that leads you right into town
Sunburns (although this year Gordon and I were successful at applying sunscreen the entire trip)
LOTS of "Sand Graves" and sand creations
Watching my husband with all the little kids in my family and knowing he's going to be the best Dad some day
Making the best memories with the best family...I am so blessed