Tuesday, February 17, 2015

sleepover with little miss

can i just tell you how much fun the two of have together?
although she is still in full princess swing, she added playing puppy to the mix.
this puppy isn't your regular dog though...this one likes fashion shows and dance parties.
we also painted nails and tried on every hair accessories i own.
by the end of the afternoon we were both spent.
can't wait to do it again!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

life lately

started the new year right with mom and daughter massages.

attended my first ogden rad ladies potluck.  
loved meeting some new amazing local ladies.

got together with my college besties

once a year we get to go bowling as part of our work day.
it's mixed in with a day full of meetings but it's one of the best hours of the work year.

tried out SUP yoga indoors...and decided I prefer the real thing

surprise birthday dinner for my sister!  she thought we were just going to our regular wednesday night yoga class...fooled her!  she was very surprised.  love her to pieces.

had some of our old neighbors over for a little get together at our house...
i love seeing our families grow and the kids becoming friends!

celebrated my girl, Madison's, upcoming baby girl with mani/pedis and delicious food in SLC.

attend my second ogden rad ladies potlock...i'm totally a rad lady now.

attended a birth parent panel in provo and met up with my cousin Mat who's studying at the Y for dinner afterwards.  Provo has some dang good restaurants...and that's about it.

showered Madison and baby Kate with a work baby shower.

attended a facial party and fell in love with the skin care line Hippie Skin.
it's local (made right in Ogden) and all natural.  
it's amazing!!

gordon and i received the best valentines from little miss and big H

and then valentine's happened...
and we actually did stuff on valentine's day instead of the week before or something.

we attended the banff mountain film festival and it was freaking amazing.
a new yearly tradition for sure.
oh, and we want to go to banff one day.