Wednesday, March 21, 2012

life lately according to my iphone

co-worker lunch date full of stories and laughs. a post-pilates early morning walk with the pooches. added spinach to my eggs for something green for st. patty's day. the dogs got their saturday bath...their hair is getting long which makes for fluffy curls! gordon installed a doggy door.  briggs loved it immediately while abbi struggled at first but now has the same love briggs has for it (freedom...for all!).  my family had an early birthday celebration for gordon which included orange soda floats. for birthday candle reasons, my mom baked cookies.  the girls in the family ate more dough than actual baked cookies.  banana oatmeal chocolate chip cookie made me smile. and the day before the first day of spring we received a couple of snowfall inches, which i'm normally stoked for but i've realized snowboarding isn't in my future so i'm game for spring time weather.

Friday, March 16, 2012

look, i was in the sunday paper!

my job title is community health educator.  i teach a lot of workshops in the county i work for.  i was in this sunday's salt lake tribune newspaper for one of the workshops i teach.  i'm pretty excited about it.  even if the photo used is one of me talking in mid-sentence.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


briggs turned nine yesterday.
to celebrate he had a turkey day feast for dinner.
the way to his heart is food.
no wonder he's my dog.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

a baby shower for mystie

four girl friends + pinterest = breakfast taquitos, sour cream dip, fruit salsa, cinnamon chips, mini donuts, cheese cake chocolate covered strawberries, onesies strung like garland, and tulle balls.

we had such a great time putting this together for mystie. she is such a good friend to each of us and has made us feel special on our special occasions so it was fun for us to repay the love. she's having a girl. she's due in may. may wedding anniversary. i can't wait to meet this little one. she's going to be gorgeous. i just know it!

Friday, March 9, 2012

something new

i've made it a point to try a new recipe every week.  some are really yummy and others are good, but i probably won't make them again.  sometimes we don't even go out to eat on the weekends.  we stay in and i cook.  healthier and money saving.  and we get to spend some quality time together.  bonus.

i like cooking.  i love food.  and pinterest makes it all so easy (along with the free magazine i get at the grocery store with yummy recipes in it).

what will this weekend cook up?

Thursday, March 8, 2012

best thing ever!

FREE yoga.  yes, FREE!  at a local studio yoga jo's.  i couldn't believe it at first either, but it's legit.  of course, a suggested donation is set, and if you believe in karma then you'll pay something.  i love it.  i love it because not only do i get to step on my mat four (sometimes five) days a week, but i get to practice with my sister, nephew, sister-in-law, aunt, and friends!  yes, i love it.  so much.  i get excited just thinking about it!  i wish it would never end (sadly it the end of this year it will be no more.  i'm going to enjoy these next nine months to the fullest!).

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

'thank you' and 'well done'

the first weekend of february we spoke in our stake conference. when gordon and i were asked to speak we felt a little strange.  they wanted us to speak about service.  the two people that moan and groan about serving have been asked to speak about why we serve.  and to make this more difficult on us one of the twelve apostles, richard g scott, was going to be in attendance.

well i was candid and honest.  i spoke about how i don't always want to serve, but how service is a necessary part of this life.  we serve because we love god and he needs us to serve his children.  my patriarchal blessing also advises me to accept every calling that i am asked to serve.

gordon gave lots of example of how he serves and how people around him serve.  he told a story of someone he looked up to that was known for his service.  he admires this person and the reason he serves is to be like them.  he did an amazing job.  made jokes that weren't even planned.  i could have listened to him talk all night.

elder scott sat directly in front of us on the stand. he looked at me when i was done and told me 'thank you.' gordon got a 'well done'. pretty amazing. i will never forget it. especially since i had lost my voice a few days previous and barely had a voice that night.

i didn't get to shake elder scott's hand.  but i figure the look at me straight in the eyes with a direct thank you was better than a hand shake.  and there was a flood of people to the stand that made it impossible for us to reach him.  and we were an arms length away!

gordon and i couldn't eat beforehand (nerves!) so afterwards we went for a treat.  malts at pop's.  my mom, sister, and step-dad joined us.  did i mention we had the best family support that night.  gordon's parents, and both my parents and sister were there to hear us.  we're extremely blessed to have the families we do.