Monday, August 18, 2014

I like my job. I love my coworkers.

i enjoy my job.  the career path i have chosen is good.  it is in the health and nutrition field which are two things i care deeply about. what i didn't choose are my coworkers but if i did i wouldn't change a thing.
they are the best!  i have created lasting friendships with these folks. and i'm grateful i get to work on so many fun projects with them too.  

the year wouldn't be complete without mentioning the 5K i direct each year.  it is a. lot. of. work. but my committee/friends make it less "worky" and more fun.

cheers to five years!

and my family wins for best supporters!  

at the finish line we have...
gordon's uncle wade 


gordon's sister melanie...

and my sister tanna! 

sorry justin, you were just too quick for me to snap a photo of!
also not pictured are the littles who ran in the kids mud run.

Monday, August 11, 2014

time with the littles: SUP

it's no surprise how much we love spending time with the littles.
we've been pondering the idea of taking them kayaking and paddleboarding with us.
when their mom told us they had life jackets it was like the green light to just do it.
and so we had ourselves a sleepover and took the littles to causey reservoir.

little man had no fear.  jumping from gordon's kayak to my paddleboard. standing up on the paddleboard with me.  swimming all over.  

little miss was a bit more reserved.  no splashing.  don't go too fast.  don't rock the boat or board. but then out of now where she said to me "i want to stand up" and she did.  she would yell "i'm surfing" with the biggest grin i've ever seen!  she even got so comfortable that she laid down on our way back to the shore for lunch.

and when we saw some friends from our neighborhood with their kids both of them were on cloud 9. 
they didn't want to leave!

it was one of the best water adventures we've had all summer!

**also, right as we were taking this picture little miss said "best friends forever" instead of cheese.  
my heart exploded!

Monday, August 4, 2014

life lately...

dinner with my college besties...

sunrise yoga with the most beautiful view of one of my favorite places...
paddleboarding in new water, mantua reservoir...

24th of july family bbq with the petersen's...gordon loves playing with all those little kiddos...
our community neighborhood garden is producing like crazy...
bree was in town from arizona which called for dinner with my high school besties...
gordon and i got to volunteer at the lds ogden temple open house...i put shoe covers on patrons feet and gordon helped in the parking lot...i got an after hours's absolutely beautiful inside and i can't wait for it be dedicated and we can serve inside...
summer sunday dinners at gordon's parents only mean one thing: WATER GUN FIGHTS!

life is good.