Thursday, May 30, 2013

travel diary: boulder and escalante utah - day three

our final day was spent on the lower calf creek falls trail in escalante.
^^cooking me breakfast.  i love him.

^^finding any shade they could for our breaks.  it was another hot day.

^^we just had to take a dip.  it was c o l d!

until we meet again southern utah!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

travel diary: boulder and escalante utah - day two

today we explored escalante.  we traveled on the longest washboard dirt road until we reach our destination: peek-a-boo and spooky gulch.

^^we just ignored this ol' sign.  they can do anything we can do...they fit in our backpacks!

^^the climb to get into peek-a-boo.  he made it look easy.
^^many choice words were said on my way up this slick rock.  i may have had matt drag me the rest of the way up because i just couldn't get the grip i needed.  i blame it on being short.  i just don't have the arm or leg span they do!

^^the cacti were in full bloom. so pretty!

^^briggs will follow gordon anywhere.  it's pretty adorable.

^^just being lowered into a hole...bonus of being small i guess.

^^oden and me

^^oh hi jenn!
^^the hike was extremely hot.  so hot that jenny overexerted herself and got sick.  we ended the day early so we all could rest.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

travel diary: boulder & escalante utah - our arrival and day one

it would seem we can't get enough of good ol' southern utah. it's true, we love this beautiful state we live in & this time of year is the best time of year to visit southern utah. not too hot during the day and not too cold during the night.

we like to travel with gordon's brother matt and his wife jenny. not only are they family, but they're our pretty good friends to boot! win win all around!

we rolled into camp late and parked our vehicles in the forest near boulder, utah. this would be the only area we would see the rest of the trip with dense trees and rocky mountains. it was red rock and desert from here on out.

^^having death in the name of this trail is very appropriate.  we were so use to slot canyons that as pretty as this desert hike was, we were a wee disappointed for the lack of tight quartered areas.  oh, and it was hot...with no trees for shade in sight.

^^these were pretty awesome.
^^if there is water that could have frogs or tadpoles in it, he'll be there.

^^creepy bones in the middle of a hole in the rock.

^^our home for the night.
^^and our new tent.  bring on the desert wind!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

our new niece, stella lynn flint

meet stella lynn flint, our new niece.  she was born may 11, 2013.  she gave us all a scare but made it here safely.  we are completely in love with her and are so thankful she's a part of our family.  and we're completely heartbroken because her parents and her moved to the sunshine state.  we miss them terribly.  thank goodness for facetime!

^^miss this one too much!  but we can't wait to visit.  who doesn't love california!