Wednesday, February 27, 2013

sometimes you skip work & play hooky instead

^^extra VIP for my guy
^^three snowboarders and a skier.
^^the purser's showing some lift love
^^scoping out where to shred next
^^the whole gang!
^^the view on hidden lake express lift is my favorite!

^^lunch break!

^^just us girls
^^i felt so proud of myself because i was able to keep up with katherine all day.  she's been skiing her whole life!  i'm getting better...hip hip hooray!

*i've also decided that i do much better when i can't see what's ahead of me.  snow and clouds are my best friends!  i had no fear.  but when the sun came out and i saw where i was going...that was a different story.

**also, i wish i could do this everyday.

Monday, February 25, 2013

weekend moment: hardcastle family photos

first things first:
no, mel and jenny did not mean to wear the same necklaces
there were not set "colors" to wear.  we were told to wear whatever we wanted as long as the colors were bold.  and patterns were a okay.  these were not well communicated and everyone just sort of did their own thing.  it turn out fine though.
i did not buy gordon a new shirt for picture day.  apparently that's a wife duty that i was unaware of.
and lastly, justin and i had a blast laughing at all the awkwardness that was going on during the "original" family photo...see example below.

i love my in-law family!

Monday, February 18, 2013

weekend moment (wife edition): sibling sunday dinner

sibling sunday dinner
a first for us fraga siblings (skyler, not a sibling but practically is for me since we're so close in age and all, was also there. gordon was away having his own weekend moment full of winter camping and toyotas.)
i wanted to try some new recipes. crockpot beef carnitas tacos, and salted caramel cheesecake for dessert. beef carnitas was easy. cheesecake was time consuming and i realized halfway through making it why my mom has always made no bake cheesecake. but i'd make it again (not anytime soon though) because it was so good.
my brother and sister both brought an appetizer, side dishes, and fancy bottled drinks (sangria!)
add some interesting dinner conversation (more like question/answer between us and my brother. his life intrigues me. he's so open about talking about it too. i love getting to know him better and understand where he's at right now. it's good to have him with us again.)
plus some leftover foil turned airplane which provided endless after dinner entertainment.
we ended the night with just the three of us (skyler = teenager = friends = left early...i remember those days...) watching the perks of being a wallflower (which just might be one of my top 5 favorite movies i've just decided).

Friday, February 15, 2013

valentine's day

^^i left love notes for gordon to find throughout his day^^
^^he knows the way to my heart is good food, so he cooked me one of my favorites and one of his specialties: pad thai.  he even kicked it up a notch and made fresh spring rolls with fancy sauces as an appetizer.  i love him^^
^^one of our favorite things to do is camp. so, in our basement, i set up our camping mattresses, laid out our sleeping bags, and set up a little s'more station for dessert^^

^^he wouldn't share. (he kept saying "i wish you didn't just eat your kibble...")^^
^^flannels on and lots of laughing.  did i mention that i love him? like a. lot.^^

another fun valentine's day spent the person i love the most.
everyday is valentine's day, right honey? (bahahaha!)

Monday, February 11, 2013

weekend moment: eagle point resort getaway

let me introduce to you a new little feature i'm calling weekend moment. every weekend is filled with a moment that makes your weekend great. i want to make sure to document mine.

this weekend's moment was more of a weekend getaway full of many memorable moments.

place: eagle point resort - fish lake national forest - beaver, utah
reason for the trip: gordon has decided he'd like to say he has skied/snowboarded every resort in utah. (and it was a valentine's gift to each other)

the resort was nice. not too expensive. the mountain is small. the runs were on the short side (just my style!). we never waited in a line to ride the lifts. every employee was super nice and took care of us well. i especially liked being called young lady and being asked if i was 21. i didn't particularly care for the "good job" comments I received each time i successfully got on and off the lift or the time one of the "lifties" called me "a little boy. oh wait i'm sorry, little girl." wrong on both accounts sir and i'm not a child!

i loved the mountain taxi that took us from one ski lift area to another.
i loved the "speed" i thought i had whizzing down the mountain.
i loved boarding through a tunnel.
i loved that our condo was right outside one of the runs.
i loved that when we wanted to break for lunch we just went to our condo & relaxed with some hot cocoa.
i loved that we had no wifi
i loved watching sons of anarchy on the ipad snuggled up in bed.
i loved the macaroni and cheese we got as an appetizer. and the pan roasted chicken gordon got for dinner.
i loved sleeping in and cooking breakfast together.
i loved singing "material boy" by millencolin with gordon on the drive there and back.
i loved exploring a new place by snowshoe with my favorite person in the world.

*perhaps we have found our new favorite place. a place where we dream of owning a cabin someday (we're going to explore this canyon more this spring/summer to really see if we want to dream this far we love what we've seen).

^^our condo^^

^^breakfast/board set up/lift passes secured^^

^^his and hers^^

^^loved our taxi driver...he called me young lady^^

^^hot cocoa break then back on the mountain^^

^^every employee was so nice and helpful^^

^^one of my travel dreams is to stay in a yurt^^

^^finally riding salomon^^

^^yeah, i think he's pretty cool too^^

^^the tunnel^^

^^i was so stoked^^
^^every resort must have an underwear tree to be legit^^

^^our living room/macaroni and cheese/dinner/hot tubs^^

^^because we drove up in the dark, our drive home was like a whole new adventure^^

^^wishing he had his snowboard instead of his snowshoes to tear through that fresh utah powder^^

^^destination: big john flat^^

^^oh my gosh, i love this guy!^^

^^classic subaru shot^^


^^snowy rivers are so beautiful^^

^^see you next time fish lake national forest^^