Friday, May 30, 2008

The great way!

I have never been an outdoorsy person. When I was little my parents never took me camping in a tent, or hiking, or fishing, or any other sort of outdoorsy activity that you do outside with little critters or bugs. That is probably why when I camp I prefer a cabin or a fifth wheel trailer. (Although being married to Gordon, I have experienced more of the outdoors than I have ever imagined...and I'm grateful. Utah is a beautiful state that must be explored!
Over Memorial weekend Gordon and I went "camping" with my family in the Uintah mountains. We stayed in my parent's fifth wheel trailer (which if you asked Gordon is NOT camping, but he sucks it up and hangs out with us anyways. I think we're making him a softy). Let me describe their's brand new, very clean (if you know my mom, that is no surprise), and has a fire place inside. Gordon and I were talking on the way home from our trip about how their trailer is nicer than our apartment; most things are.
Besides the wonderful headquarters, the area where we stayed was beautiful too! We were right next to a river, and if it wasn't snowy, Gordon would have been out by it more often looking for frogs. Yes, it was snowy. It snowed Sunday night. Not much, but enough to make me think I was back in the winter season. It made for some fun four wheeling adventures though.
It was nice to get away. I always love Memorial weekend trips because they are always the first trip of the summer. We kicked off our summer right, with snow and all!

I love this pic of my mom...the hat is my favorite!

My sweet husband cutting the corn off the cob for me.
And while Gordon helped with the dishes,

and my mom cleaned up a bit,

I took a nap.
What a vacation!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hello Taylor!!

This is Taylor. He is the handsomest little boy in the world! My cousin, Missy, gave birth to this precious little wonder last night. I was so excited to get the news and couldn't wait to finally meet him! He is more adorable than I could have imagined! I don't know all of the details such as weight and height, but I do know he is perfect. He is healthy (as well as his mother), and is pooping up a storm (already like his Mom). Congratulations Missy and Nephi...your beautiful family is growing!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

I hear you're married to the REAL Indiana Jones!?

Yes I am.

One of the girls I go to the gym with said this to me while we were working out. I quickly realized that I am married to the REAL Indiana Jones.
Although Gordon is no archaeologist, he practically should be based on the fact that he has had all of the Indiana Jones movies memorized since before he was born. He is an extreme fan! And even though I didn't know him during the summer he thought he was Indiana Jones' side kick, I feel like I was there because I hear all about it from him and his family, and I have seen numerous pictures of the cutest little boy decked out in snow boots and an Indiana hat, both of which he refused to take off all summer long because Indiana Jones doesn't take his off.

Gordon and Indiana are very similar. Besides the good looks, Gordon is just as adventurous as Indie. If he could, Gordon would pack up the bare essentials, meaning a rope, hat, and boots, and travel around the world. The only difference is that he wouldn't be looking for artifacts; he would be wheelin' instead.

It should be to no surprise that we have already seen the movie twice, and have watched the old ones multiple times before the new one was released. I love watching Gordon as he watches's as if he is little again, so getty and ready for adventure. And he is even more like Indiana now...he's settle down, but still finds adventure where ever he is!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Good Afternoon Mr. and Mrs. Hardcastle

To celebrate our 1st Anniversary, Gordon had planned (with a little help from me) a romantic weekend getaway to Park City. Romantic it truly was. Romance is included when you stay at the Stein Eriksen Lodge in Deer Valley. The drive up to Deer Valley is one of my favorite drives. No matter which way you drive up there you are surrounded by the beautiful mountains. It's simply magnificent! As we pulled up to the Stein, we knew we were rollin' high class style...we were greeted immediately by our bus boy and valet parking in their underground locked garage (not only did we get star treatment, but my Subaru did too! Garage parking...what a dream!). We could not even think about carrying our bags because the bus boy was right on it, following us from our car to the check-in desk, then on a tour around the lodge, then to our room where he showed us where everything was and how to use all the amenities that our room had to offer. Checking in was a whole new experience all by itself. The gentleman that took our reservation was there (he was not the clerk that was checking us in) and recognized our name greeting us "Good Afternoon Mr. and Mrs. Hardcastle, how was your drive?" to which Gordon managed to spit out "Uh, um, good." First, we are not use to being spoken to so properly, and second we have not been called Mr. and Mrs. Hardcastle since our wedding day (Mr. and Mrs. Hardcastle are Gordon's parents and grandparents, not us).

Our room was spectacular! It had a fireplace and on the deck it had our own private hot-tub! Both of them were nice to have because it gets chilly up in the mountains at night, and I love to sit in a hot-tub when it is cold outside.

One of the highlights of our stay was when we returned to our suite from dinner that evening to dimmed lights, a turned down bed, our robs and slippers laid out, a handmade mint on our pillows, and a tray with two bottled waters and an ice bucket with "fancy" glasses set up on our bed. There was even romantic music playing in the background!

That next morning we had our breakfast delivered to us. Even though it was the regular eggs, bacon, potatoes, and toast breakfast, it had a five star taste that was to die for! Gordon and I love breakfast food, so it was exciting to have such a yummy meal. We ate breakfast in bed...oh the was a king size bed, with six huge, fluffy down pillows, and fluffy down comforter on top a soft, pillow top mattress (the bed was one of my favorite parts of the room). All in all, both pretty amazing!

Our anniversary weekend was more than I could have asked for. Spending that quality time with Gordon was just what I wanted. The thing that makes this weekend even more special is that I know that Gordon did this all for me. He is not into fancy smancy places like this, but he knows I love them. He is such a wonderful husband. He is my best friend. I am so excited that we hit our first year of marriage mark. It has been the best year of my life, and I owe it all to him!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

It's a BBQ!!

When my family has a BBQ, we really have a BBQ! So much food: all kinds of meat (no one will forget the "Heart attack burger" that my Uncle Larry made which included a hot dog, chicken, hamburger, and bacon all on one bun!), tons of different salads and chips, and then the best dessert which is usually home-made ice cream and my Grandma Burton's famous hot fudge. The Mother's Day BBQ is no exception, it's even better! This year we had it at my Aunt Lyda's. It was her family and my family that came together for the BBQ. It is always a blast when we combine families. I love having all of the cute little girl cousins around to play with. I also love my Aunt Lyda's backyard! There are two tire swings, a hammock, and a trampoline that we drew on with chalk. There is so much room back there that the girls, Gordon, and my nephew Skyler played a game of soccer.

Sydney and Brinley, the cutest little girls in the world!
I had to be an artist and draw whatever the girls asked me to
Brinley and Sydney were all giggles when Gordon is around
Kaylee and Madi wanted to go higher and higher!
Gordon playing with the kids
It's Gordon's turn!
My sweet nephew writing 'I love you G-ma' on the trampoline
Gordon, Kaylee, and Madisen eating ice cream (Madi has a bit of a crush on Gordon. So cute!)
Brin and Syd eating ice cream
My cousin Kevin and Me enjoying a Mexican Coke (I recommend smooth)

As I get older I realize more and more how amazing my family is. I am in such good company when I'm with them. They all are such neat people. I am so blessed to have such an awesome eternal family!
After the BBQ we went over to my mom's house and celebrated Mother's Day with just our family. It is so fun to watch my mom open up her gifts. She gets so excited about everything.

Tim always gives my mom the BEST gifts...
She had no idea she would be getting the camera that she had been eyeing for awhile.

I love you Mom! Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day

Hi mom! You keep asking me to blog so I'm finally gonna do it for you on Mother's Day. Thanks for being my mom even though I was (and still am) a stinky dirty boy. I love you! Happy Mother's Day.