Wednesday, June 30, 2010

summertime birthdays are the best.

This year I celebrated with a 22 mile bike ride lit by the moonlight on Antelope Island. It was just Gordon and I that did the ride. Just the two of us hanging out on my birthday. I loved it.

Just before we headed out...
11 miles...half way!
and 22 miles later.

The next day I celebrated with family and close friends. We had a BBQ at our house. I love that too.

Summertime, birthdays, BBQ, friends, and family. Some of my favorite things.

Friday, June 25, 2010

happy birthday to me

And cupcakes for all!
(this peanut butter lovers cupcake came from Sugar Daisy Bakery in Kaysville)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

i was a texan for 5 days.

Most of my family lives in Utah. My Uncle Tim and his family, however, live in Texas. When I was in 7th grade my Grandpa and Grandma Burton took me to visit them…well back then the main person I went to visit was my cousin Monika. She was all of us cousins favorite (there were 4 of us around the same age…family parties were a blast!). We didn’t get to see her often, never had those cousins fights with her (only about her when she was here because each of us wanted to hang out with her and didn’t want to share our time with anyone else…we quickly learned we can all play together and it’s just as fun although fights still broke out…girls just can’t seem to play nice), and thought she was the best! And she is. Although as I grow up I realize I have a close relationship with all my cousins and they all are the best.

Well this cousin was getting married. So another trip to Texas was to be had. I love this state…and could totally live in Austin, heat and all. Here’s my trip in a nutshell…a large nutshell.

Day 1: San Antonio

Sweet digs – my home away from home…well for 2 days

Two of my favorite things: BBQ (at the County Line on the Riverwalk) & family. Also got to meet Mike for the first time. We all loved him! He was immediately part of the family.

Day 2: still in San Antonio

El Mercado for shopping

The best Mexican food I have ever had…yes, even better than Grandma J’s!
-Mi Tierra Restaurant & Bakery-

San Antonio LDS Temple – my cousin wanted to wait for the family to come to take out her endowments. Such a special evening for all of us. It was also my first time in a LDS temple outside of Utah. A very sacred experience for me.

Day 3: Wedding Day! San Antonio & Austin

Getting ready with Grandma.

Beautiful sealing. Monika was so attentive and we could feel the spirit so strong…my heart was overflowing.

Families are forever. What a powerful phrase.

Post wedding lunch…Stubbs BBQ. Delicious and super unique. Very representative of what Austin is all about: Live music and good food.

Wedding reception. So fun! Lots of cousin time (got to know my cousin Mat a lot better…he’s a cutie!). Decorated the new couple’s car. Oklahoma State grooms cake…with Texas University colors inside. Jokes on you Mike! Texas rules! And sisters doing what they do best…talk!

Hey Cupcake! Literally, I said Hey Cupcake and my Aunt pulled over, did a u-turn and we went to this little cupcake trailer for an after the wedding snack (like we really needed one). They were delicious. Try the Michael Jackson…it was to die for!

Day 4: Austin. Rest and Relaxation…and Amy’s Ice Cream

Eating a Texas shaped waffle in Texas.

Went to church with my Uncle Tim, Aunt Yuka, and cousin Mat.

Hang out at the Burton residence. My Uncle never thought he would have been able to have all his family over to his house…but each sister was there (there’s 6 of them), and his Mom, and 2 nieces were there too. A very special moment for him.

Amy’s Ice Cream. Heaven in my mouth. And the people who work there were so charismatic! Yes, he threw my ice cream up in the air and caught it in the bowl. Fantastic!

Sunday drive around the heart of Austin city. I could live here!

Day 5: Our last day in Austin, Texas. Happy Birthday Uncle Tim!

A pit stop was made to the Harley Shop for a gift for my Dad.

Hula Hut, located right on Lady Bird Lake, for my Uncle’s birthday lunch. It’s tradition for my Mom and her sisters to get together for each siblings lunch on their birthday. My Uncle has never had one of these lunches before. Another special moment for him.

And shopping in SoCo (South Congress in Austin). Vintage heaven. And one of the best candy shops I've ever been to.

One last taste of Amy’s Ice Cream. I was more than excited when I saw they had one in the airport. My taste buds needed one more taste to say goodbye.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

blessed with great fathers

Happy Father's Day.  We love you very much!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

birthdays are kind of a big deal around here

At least they are to me. June is my birthday month. And from the moment we enter June all I can talk about is my birthday and what we’re going to do to celebrate. I love our family’s traditions of birthday dinner. We get to choose what we want to have for dinner, and of course what we want for dessert. My family held my birthday dinner a couple of weeks early this year. And I was completely fine with that. Remember, June is my birthday month…I celebrate all month long.
The menu for this year’s birthday dinner: Chicken shish kabobs (with pineapple…oh how I love grilled pineapple), sticky brown rice, fresh green beans, and rolls. And dessert…homemade Oreo ice-cream. It just might be my family’s new favorite homemade ice-cream flavor. And homemade chocolate cupcakes with chocolate butter cream frosting. Cupcakes are just about my favorite thing ever.
 Thanks Mom and Tim for another fabulous birthday dinner.