Monday, July 30, 2012

over the weekend...

*our weekend started early on friday.  i took a half day at work and took gordon to a little italian food cart that serves the best philly sandwiches.  the dogs had a hair appointment that same day so they got to join us.  they also got their shots.
*our neighbor made us tamales!
*our other neighbors, who just so happen to own a fireworks stand, invited us over for a firework show that night.  fireworks are one of my favorite things.
*saturday morning jodi was in town and joined my sister and i for a little yoga.
*later that night we went to a ogden raptors game with my dad.  his work had a party there so everything was free...bonus!  and when the game got boring (nine innings is a lot!) the mischievous boys kept themselves occupied with paper wads.  oh, and the raptors won.
*gordon's little brother and his wife were in cali so we got to watch their sweet kitty, roxy, for several days.  cats are my favorite, but that roxy holds a little piece of my heart, she's so darn sweet.
*and we ended the weekend with a birthday celebration for gordon's dad.  the little man helped blow out the candles of course.

Friday, July 27, 2012

family photos part two

kara is great, right?  i can't wait for her to photograph our future babies.

see more of our photos here

Thursday, July 26, 2012

family photos part one

to create our adoption profile i knew i wanted updated, professional photos.  and there was no question as to who i'd as to take them.

i have been admiring my talented friend from college, kara, photography skills for years.  and not only is she ridiculously talented, she gave a sweet deal on a photo session because, well you know, adoption is expensive.  and she's sweet like that.

here are some of my favorite photos she took of my dear little family.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

life lately...

getting ready for big service project in august with my church group
we're back in trail running mode
love having sister time (especially when it involves yoga!)
sunrise flag ceremony & breakfast with our church group (aren't those little scouts the cutest!)
farmers market (we branched out & shared a handmade peaches & cream soda)
abbi is the unappointed neighborhood watch dog
pre-pioneer day bbq with gordon's mom's side of the family
his cousin, & hostess, served the best food. she never disappoints.
her family also owns a shaved ice shack, shavy jones. we went there for dessert. that may have been the highlight of my day (i love shaved ice, especially the kind with buried treasure - ice cream).
i love how many young kids there are in our makes me so happy & excited for our future kiddos.
sunday dinner at my mom's (where the dog treats never stop!)
homemade caramel cashew ice cream
movie night & pizza
we've added a new person to our running team (my sis)
to celebrate pioneer day we saw the dark knight rises (with my dad aka the real batman). i cried 3 times. oh I love batman.
we also went to a new place for lunch. doolittle's deli. probably our new favorite sandwich shop.