Sunday, October 26, 2014

annual hardcastle pumpkin decorating contest

halloween has been turning out to be one of my favorite holidays.  so many fun family traditions like our annual pumpkin decorating contest with the hardcastles.  this year was extra fun because the littles are getting older and can participate much more.  little man and little miss even designed their own pumpkins! 

the gordon hardcastle family swept the contest! gordon's ninja turtle pumpkin won 1st place, my boo pumpkin took 2nd and justin's scary halloween scene took 3rd.  

and what's family get together without lots of giggles with uncle gordon.  him with all of those littles just melts my heart!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

annual fraga family halloween party

every year my dad and step-mom brenda open there house to host the annual fraga halloween party.  them, along with my aunts and cousins, put so much time and effort into planning and prepping for our family party.  every year there is a different theme.  and every year it is awesome!
this year's theme was "welcome to the carnival."  as if clowns and carnivals are not spooky enough.
the backyard was full of carnival games.  if you won you got tickets that you could save up to pick prizes from the prize table.  seriously, it was like a real carnival (with extra creepy decor).

my brother and his daughter.  he is doing SO good.  happy and healthy!
now that's a prize table!

last minute costumes provided by my mother in law.  she literally has bins full of costumes; awesome, awesome costumes.  she's the best MIL ever.