Monday, May 18, 2009

We've Only Just Begun

I can't believe it's been two years. Gordon and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary this weekend. Sunday, May 17th is our actual anniversary date, but we did most of our celebrating Saturday.
A couple's retreat was just what we needed (and when I say we I pretty much mean me--Gordon was just doing this because he knew I really wanted to). Because funds are lower than they were last year around this time, we had a different kind of retreat that involved staying local and no over night trips. Gordon and I became "Muddy Buddies". Our retreat was at a local spa where we experienced a little R&R together. We started off in the meditation area where we chose what scent we wanted our body sugar rub to be. After that decision was made, we were taken to a gigantic steam shower where we could use our sugar scrubs then cool off with a mud mixture. After 30 minutes or so of that we were off to the next part of our retreat which was our couple's massages. This was Gordon's first time for a massage. He said he didn't not like it, but he doesn't need to have more in the future because it would just be a waste of money. He did say, however, that I could continue to get them and that was not a waste of money (good thing...although I'm pretty sure I would have gotten them either way). Gordon wasn't the only one experiencing first on our retreat.

Whenever you schedule a massage the receptionist asks you if you prefer a male or female masseuse. I have always said I don't care and received a lady to do my massage. I thought I didn't care. That was until my masseuse for the retreat was a guy. I found myself at moments a bit uncomfortable and not as relaxed as I have been in previous massages. The corny couples music didn't help either. I tried not to focus on the music or my masseuse but there were times that that was the only things I could focus on. I wasn't insecure about my body (thank you gym) so I really don't know why I was so uncomfortable at times. Maybe because it was a strange guy giving me a rub down while my husband was in the same room (yes, I'm sure it would have been more awkward if Gordon was not there). He did do a wonderful job and my muscles were very grateful for all the hard work he put into to making them was just different.
After our spa experience was over we headed up Weber Canyon to one of our favorite restaurants, Taggarts. I was a bit embarrassed to go out to dinner because I had no makeup on and I had let my hair air dry so I was looking pretty hot. But Taggarts is the kind of place you can come dressed up or looking like you just got out of the shower. The food still tastes the same no matter how you look.

We had a wonderful anniversary, with 2 days of celebrating. I'm grateful I have such an amazing husband that was willing to try something new with me. I say this in the nicest way, but it sure doesn't seem like it's been 2 seems longer and that's a good thing. I love you Gordon.