Tuesday, April 30, 2013

travel diary: goblin valley, utah - day one

goblin valley, utah
april 18-21
camping adventure with gordon's brother & his wife, jenny (& our dogs!)

^^"I think it’s a rule that all good adventure trips start off by looking for a remote camp site in an unfamiliar area after dark…" direct quote from the mister.  and our adventure started off just like that.
^^our campsite turned out to be pretty great once we could see it in the daylight.  a nice little tucked away cove.
^^camping is so great.  gordon does all of the cooking!
^^good morning matt.
^^we started off our hiking adventures with an eight mile hike in and out of slot canyons in little wildhorse canyon.
^^even though he'd been looking at maps of this area for months, he made sure one more time he knew where we were going.

^^desert trees are my favorite.

^^beautiful scenery all the way through.  love those red rocks!
^^things got a little wet, so we put the dogs in our packs and trekked on.  briggs loved being in the pack.  abbi wasn't as keen on the idea, but went with it once she saw the water.

^^it was easier to carry her sometimes than have her swim.

^^we got this (although i was shaking like crazy because i was so nervous.  everyone else is like a foot taller than me and made it look so easy!)

^^down we go!

^^by far the tiniest dog down there.  don't let her size fool you.  she did amazing!
^^briggs did great too.  all ten years of him.

^^we had plans to go hike around goblin valley, but after our long hike all we wanted to do was leisurely stroll around and take photos.

^^okay matt, we get it.  (i would be lying if i said i didn't laugh every time he did this)
^^now that's a colorfully delicious camping meal.
^^and we ended our first night around the camp fire planning our next day's adventures...

Monday, April 29, 2013

over the weekend: micah and tiffany forever.

words cannot describe the wonderfulness that took place this weekend for our dear friends and neighbors, micah and tiffany.  they went through the temple for the first time this weekend and we're sealed to each other for time and all eternity.

it has been our pleasure getting to know tiffany and micah.  happiness filled the air.  so many wonderful things are in store for them, i can feel it.

Friday, April 26, 2013

life has been happening, i promise

^^finally, trail running season has arrived!

^^a during the week lunch date with my favorite person.

^^birthday dinner for Mystie & Chana with my high school besties.

^^proving to ourselves we're still young & hip by going to the alkaline trio concert.

^^happy st. patty's day!

^^sunday dinners with this little guy are the best!

^^we got to spend time with a few of our favorite little people so their mama could have some time for herself while their dad is serving our country in Afghanistan.  i also have a great respect for melanie.  she's an amazing mother and those kids love her dearly.  they are great kids!

^^gordon turned 27! he thought he was turning 26. i reminded him he wasn't. it took awhile to convince him. to his dismay, he's 27.  (also, i love that by chance all of his friends were in town and could go to dinner to celebrate with us.  gordon is such a great friend to them that it made me so happy that all of them rearranged their schedules and made time for him.)

^^went to the Brigham city temple for the first time. it's nice to have a temple somewhat close to us again. counting down the days til Ogden opens up again though.

^^easter! egg hunts & egg dying. fun fun fun!

^^my talented husband installed hardwood floors and framed our windows in our upstairs living area. it's like i have a whole new house it changed things so much. i love them!  next up...new couches (a girl can dream...)

^^mandi was in town from Texas so we got together for lunch in the park. loved seeing her & miss her so much!

^^my very first trip to trader joes. is it possible to fall in love with a grocery store? cause I totally did. trader joes, come to Ogden please!

^^baby girl shower for Jodi! Jenny taught me her crafty ways & we made paper pom poms & yarn ball garland.  pretty sure every party i decorate for will have those two things as part of the decor from here on out.

^^and last but not least, my step dad Tim turned 60! he had a few parties. the one at boondocks was my favorite, but the surprise was pretty great too.

& there ya have it. the past month or so in a nut shell.