Sunday, November 25, 2012

life lately...

1. i experienced my first professional eyebrow shaping.  i was pampered before, during and after.  i wonder if my mom can provide frozen grapes and a relaxation room the next time i have her shape my brows...

2.  one of our daughters from the pioneer trek we did this summer was baptized.  she is an amazing young woman.  she has strengthened my testimony of faith and prayer by her example.  we are thrilled for her!

3. when your husband doesn't want to pay for haircuts anymore, this is what happens.  for my first time, i did pretty well.  our goal: a good enough haircut that he doesn't have to wear a hat for couple of weeks while it grows out.  practice, practice, practice (i'm grateful gordon doesn't care much about his hair...i think i was more anxious about this whole ordeal than he was).

4. after 4 years of living in our home, we finally got together with our neighbor friends.  maybe someday soon we won't be the only ones without kids.

5.  the little man turned 4!  his mom showed off her mad cake skills (seriously, she's amazing) and his little sis blew out the candles before he could.  grandma lit them again, wishes were made, and all was well.

6.  gordon's cousin travis returned home safely from serving an lds mission in taiwan.  lots of family came to welcome him home.  his cousin made a cute sign for him.  and i took my picture with the cutest future missionary there ever was.

7.  i don't know who was more excited, me or gordon, for his big debut on the mountains this snowboarding year.  successful back surgeries are the best!

8.  maybe the sister and i ran 5 mountain miles on thanksgiving day.  oh yeah!

9.  thanksgiving with my mom this year.  we have so much to be thankful for.

10.  CHRISTMAS time is here!  (gordon did another amazing job with our outside decor!)

11. fancy drinks (coconut hot cocoa...warmed up my belly!), photo booths, and christmas shopping.  what could have made this day even better?  if my mister would have taken his photo with me in photo booth ("that's what sisters are for" he says...)  he did come shopping, so i'll give credit for that.