Wednesday, November 30, 2011

our november

  • regular daily activities of work, church service, and being wife and husband 
  • we final started getting some snow!
  • our quest for the best rootbeer may have ended...virgil's, we love you (so much that we bought a food storage purchase ever!)
  • we went to our first ski movie of the year together - TGR's "one for the road" (gordon has seen plenty already on his own...yeah, i'm still jealous of his sweet job perks)
  • i got my first pro skier signature (you rock todd ligare!)
  • on veteran's day we went to the big city and had breakfast at the all famous ruth's diner where they serve mile high biscuits the size of my hand with every meal!  so delicious!
  • also on veteran's day gordon's mom had back surgery.  she's recovery slowly and she needs your prayers...please pray for her with us.
  • i joined the rest of the world and bought my very first smart phone (hello instagram!)
  • the little man turned 3
  • an early christmas present was given to my nephew. you can't hold out on a new snowboard and set up when the ski resorts are opening - it's just not right.
  • thanksgiving was spent with immediate family only (just dad, brenda, sis, sky, bro, jade, gordon, me, & the pooches)...and at my dad's house (he was actually in town).  it was like i had the thanksgiving that dreams are made of...two different methods of turkey cookin', homemade everything, football all day (go packers!), motorcycle rides to enjoy the beautiful weather, and lots of lounging (i have never had a thanksgiving day like that before...we've always gone to 2 or 3 places...i missed seeing everyone but loved the relaxation of it all)
  • i got to spend the majority of the thanksgiving break with my texan cousin, mat, who is in his first year of college at byu.  we saw the new twilight movie (i liked it, whatever), ate lunch at bistro, had cupcakes from some new local places downtown (mexican hot chocolate & sweet potato with maple cream cheese frosting...both delish!), washed our cupcakes down with holiday chai teas (green tea based of course), went thrifting, got pizza from the best pizzeria in town, went to lunch with grandma, and spent lots of time laughing and making cousin memories.  if i had favorite cousins (i don't) he would be one of them.  he is so easy going, loves the same things i do, and is up for anything.  best thanksgiving break ever!

well november, you came and went very quickly.  lots of memories made.  now bring on december (cause our christmas shopping is only one present away from being done...woot!).