Monday, January 27, 2014

sundance film festival 2014

this year we changed it up a bit and went right to the heart of the action: park city, utah
the radio station we listen to, x96, was broadcasting live interviewing film makers, directors, and actors.
we felt very VIP.

aaron ashmore, shawn ashmore's twin (shawn is from the xmen movies.  i got a little too excited at first when i thought it was shawn.  meeting aaron was cool, too, though.)
with jeremiah bitsui who played victor in breaking bad!
pretending we're red carpet status.
with bill, a x96 radio dj.
with the cast of being human (a sci fi tv show which i've never seen but recognized the actor sam huntington because of the movie detroit rock city).
on main street in park city.  feels totally different during the film festival.
back to our roots in ogden seeing a couple of films.
skyler joined us and it made his mom and my day!  we love when he's not too cool for us and will hang out.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

the citadel ruins, cedar mesa utah - part six the finale

the finale.  and boy was it a finale indeed.
we traveled some pretty awesome roads to get to our last stop.
in the end there was seven of us.
once again, we had to reset our mile counter in gordon truck so we knew exactly when to stop, pull over and begin walking in a wash to find the last ruin of our trip.  i'm always impressed at the skills gordon has to find something with no marker what so ever.  he's the best captain this adventure girl could ask for!
yoga all day!
ruin number one.  pretty awesome and very much intact.

view from the top looking in.
the roof.

and then we reach this...
and it must be crossed to get to the citadel ruin.
and at the end of the peninsula is by far the coolest ruin i have ever seen!!
you could live here now, it is so intact.
except they ask you not to, so we respected the forest service.
and the view coming back.

this trip was short, but we saw SO MUCH!  
history right in our backyard (if our backyard was 7 hours away).
utah is rad.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

bluff international hot air balloon festival bluff, utah part five

i have always had a love for hot air balloons.
i have never been this close to them and watched them fill up with air from start to finish.
it was magical!

glow in the dark!
we stayed in valley of the gods so we could wake up and be right in the middle of the hot air balloon festival.
i can't think of a better background than red rocks for these vibrant colored balloons.

next time i'm that close to a hot air balloon i'm riding in it!

Friday, January 24, 2014

monarch cave cedar mesa utah part four

but really, each stop on our adventure seemed better than the last.
i don't think we actually met to do that but looking back that's exactly what happened.

when looking for Indian ruins, it's important to look up.
hidden away a top a curve in the mountain was the monarch cave.
pictographs and petroglyphs led the way to the cave.
just a couple of pair of salomons standing around a petroglyph. 
more pictographs.
POTTERY and CORN!  These are real artifacts people!
i may have added a little more flavor to my language and panicked a bit coming back from the cave.
that narrow edge got to me and i thought i was going to tumble to my death!

ruin with a view!
how they shaped or sharpened stuff?
part of the roof still intact.
close up.
and me.  pre-panic. 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

wolfman panel cedar mesa utah part three

our explorations just kept getting better!  
petroglyphs!  again, by far the best ones i've seen in real life.
the wolfman himself!

and just across the riverbed were some more ruins.

a little more intact than the first one we saw earlier that day.  LEGIT!
MORE POTTERY!  this one is very pretty.  i can only imagine what it would have looked like all intact.

the group 
(missing just a few people that didn't want to forge 
an overgrown riverbed with random cows roaming everywhere.  go figure.)