Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"i need to get in that"

those are words right out of the little man's mouth.

he tricked me into taking him outside to get his trains.  as soon as we went out he went straight towards the cruiser and said "i need to get in that."

gordon shook the cruiser from side to side while the little man made big truck noises.

gordon is oh so happy the little man loves his cruiser.  it was probably his favorite part about sunday.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

HIGH school football!

i can't believe it. 

my nephew is a high schooler.  first year - sophomore.

and he's on the high school football team.

the games are much more entertaining and the crowds are louder.

he's gained a lot of new skills and perfected others.

and played the majority of his first game (which they won by the way).

football season has arrived and i couldn't be more excited!

Monday, August 29, 2011

over the weekend: almost all girls over-nighter to park city

what was originally planned (3 days ahead is considered planned right?) as a girls trip with my mom, sister, and niece to park city to do a little school clothes shopping turned into an almost girls trips, plus my nephew.  he wasn't feeling well so my sister was going to stay home, but after a trip to the doctor it was decided that we should all still go and skyler could join us (don't worry, he wasn't sick with any contagious).  i'm so glad he came!  he's such a fun kid to be around.  and i don't get to hang out with him quite as often as i used to because he's getting older and it's not super cool to hang out with your 27 year old aunt on the weekends.  go figure.

we ate good food (of course).  went swimming 'til midnight.  and shopped our hearts out (although i didn't go too crazy...i'm going back up this weekend for a real girls trip with the girls in gordon's family). 

here are some photos that were taken while we were up there.

thanks mom for taking all of us!  i think you may have just started a new tradition...

Friday, August 26, 2011

there's only one, one, one, one, one...lagoon!

in all of the years gordon and i have known each other we had never been to lagoon (a local theme park) together.
we can't say that anymore!

we made out in dracula's castle...
we passed by each other on the sky ride, telling one another the other was hot...
oh wait...that was what i did when i was a teenager.  we did none of those things.

gordon was worried i was one of those people that get sick after certain rides.
i was also worried i was one of those people after i got a little woozy after riding the screamer and roco planes.
turns out i was just hungry and hot.

we rode all the rides we thought were worth while in the park (which was practically all of them, minus the kiddy rides).  our top 3 favorites: wicked, spider, and samurai.

i loved being so scared that when i screamed, nothing came out and i could barely breath.  that happened a few times.  and gordon got really wet on rattle snake rapids.  i loved that too.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

their first house guest

they made me feel right at home as soon as i got there.
i was welcomed, shown my room, and then we relaxed and watched alittle mactv.
on monday we went to dinner (just the girls) to bluelemon.  jodi got the black bean ravoli and i got the fiery fish tacos.  we both got a flower sugar cookie.  to say it was delicious would be an understatement.  it's gourmet, quick style, with real ingredients that are healthy.  just my style (which jodi knew).
we also exercised together that evening.  like old times.  chit chatting all the way.  while we walked around her neighborhood jodi saw her dream house equipped with a unicorn stained glass window and everything.  i'm jealous already.
on tuesday we went to the mount timpanoges temple.  she lives less than 5 minutes away (oh how i miss that).  we did a session, then came back to her place where she made me dinner (i've got to give trevor credit too...he grilled).  and dessert.  and we watched grey's anatomy some more.

the whole time i was there trevor did a lot of school stuff.  he is working hard.  and is very busy.  he's going to do great!

i sort of want another work training in utah's a nice to place to visit. everyone is very friendly and waves to you as you drive by. the mountains are beautiful (even the one with the 'y' painted on it). and two of the most amazing people live there.

thanks again jodi and trevor for your hospitality. i give you 5 stars.

Monday, August 22, 2011

over the weekend: 5K & a date night

months of preparation for an event that lasted but a few hours.
of course it couldn't have gone smoothly...heavens no.
people were upset.  stupid timing error.
sorry justin, you did not win $100 after all.

thanks to everyone that came out to support me!  especially the little man.  he was so excited (he would run in place and with a big smile on his face say "i'm so excited"'s the most adorable thing i've ever seen!).  if it wasn't for the little man's shoes getting stuck in the mud he would have finished in the top 3 of his race.  next year little man.

to celebrate each others hard work we had a date night.  dinner at rovali's and dessert at subzero ice cream.  delicious and fun.  try the lavender lemonade at rovali''s calming and refreshing.  just what i needed.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

hike to malan's peak

we didn't quite make it to the peak, but the view at the halfway point was very pretty.
next time we'll start earlier.
oh how i'm learning to love the great outdoors for exercise.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

over the weekend: camping trip!

tony grove - logan canyon, utah

our first camping trip (just the two of us) this year
two different campsites (not ideal, but worked out okay)
roasted marshmallows and rolls with honey butter (gordon's new campfire dessert)
naps in the daytime
time to finally read bossypants by tina fey (hilarious by the way)
dogs being dogs
veggie style hobo dinners
delicious breakfasts prepared by gordon (who is known around these parts as 'the breakfast master')
sleeping in til 10:00am!
fields of wildflowers
quality time as a family