Wednesday, January 4, 2012

joy in my journey.

i don't think i'll ever get use to receiving inspiration as strongly as i have been lately.  i am constantly in awe at the little things i experience on a regular basis.  and most of the time i feel inspired for other people.  it's something i can't put into words but something that needs to be in words so i can remember all the beauty i am experiencing.  you would think i would never complain but i do.  more often than i should i'm sure.
i'm experiencing so much joy in my journey.  i can't let it go by without mention.

hello 2012!

new year's eve

dinner at bistro 258 with family and friends
walking dead marathon (what's the deal with mid-season finales anyway?!)
a little bubbly to toast to the new year
and fireworks...of all kinds

can i share a secret?
i'm really excited for 2012.
like really excited.