Monday, June 17, 2013

play date with the littles: wheeler historic farm in slc

with our brother-in-law on active duty in afghaniston, we've taken it as an opportunity to spend extra time with our niece and nephews.  with summer upon us we decided to do something outside.  at their request, we went to wheeler farm, which is just up the street from their house - bonus.  if you need a couple of tour guides for this place i know some great ones!  these two showed us around the entire farm, making sure to spend extra time on their favorite parts: the playground and the tractors.

we worked up quite the appetite with all the farm fun so we stopped by lone star taqueria on the way home.  we took a risk going here because there were no kids meals or toys for them to play on, but they were fantastic and we had a great time.

i can't tell you how much we enjoy spending time with these little ones.  we love them to the moon and back!