Monday, May 17, 2010

if i know what love is, it is because of you

We're three years into eternity.  How exciting! 
I love you anniversary husband.

blog title: a quote from Herman Hesse

Friday, May 14, 2010

i'm pretty sure i have the most amazing husband ever.

Last Friday I came home not only to a clean house, freshly washed dogs, and a beautiful yard, but I also came home to this…

My almost rust free-pretty much complete with a bike basket for my pooches cruiser bike!

He has been working on it ever since we bought it even though it was suppose to be my project…he knew I would never actually get to it…

Yep, he’s the best.

Now if only I can get him to ride a cruiser bike too…with a bike basket and all.  Briggs wants nothing more than to do everything with Gordon so it’s only necessary for him to get one now.  Briggs won't go with me.

Monday, May 10, 2010

almost an all weather runner.

although i wouldn't choose to go running while it's raining.  but getting caught in the rain while you're running isn't too bad.  especially when you're equipped with a rain jacket. 
got to love this unpredictable spring time weather.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

to our moms:

thank you.  for the sacrifices.  for supporting us.  for being amazing examples.  for caring.

we wouldn't be who and where we are today if it wasn't for you.

we love you.  very much.

Monday, May 3, 2010

it was different.

There were more old than young, but that’s to be expected when you live in an older neighborhood I think. We were the youngest people in Relief Society, Priesthood, and Sunday School. Some of the first things Gordon heard when he walked into Priesthood were there wasn’t enough handicap parking and bifocals needed to be covered by insurance. And I can’t believe we were both thinking this, but we’re looking forward to having callings. Hoping to either be in Young Women/Men or Primary. Yes, Primary.

We were welcomed with open arms. Told they had been waiting for a couple of years for us to come to the ward. Told we were needed and wanted.

Everything was different. From the people we interacted with, to the way the lessons were taught, to how sacrament was conducted (oh how I missed our old bishopric).

There were a few things that didn’t change. We felt the Spirit. We felt the love of our Heavenly Father and Savior. Our testimonies were strengthened. And Gordon tried to fake me out by turning to the wrong hymn to sing in sacrament. He also used his finger to keep me on track to where we were in the song, putting emphasis where it was needed on certain notes. He can always make me smile.

I am grateful that we get to experience this together. It would have been a lot harder for me to do alone. It was comforting to know I would have someone to sit with in most of my meetings. And ask questions and get help remembering people’s names.

It was different. But different isn’t bad.

kind of felt like a fish out of water...and isn't this fish insanely huge?!

big matt

it's my brother in law's birthday today!

here are 5 reasons I love Matt.

1.  He’s an amazing story teller. He should definitely be some kind of writer…people need to enjoy his books or column or something!

2.  He is a great little bro. Need help, he’s there. Need advice, he’ll give you his two sense. Need to know something off the wall, he’ll make up something that sounds real good, but probably isn’t true.

3.  He is a gentleman. He treats jenny, his soon to be wife, with the upmost respect. He would do anything for her. He is like that with most ladies. He has let me borrow is jacket more than once when I was cold. That's just how he is.

4.  He is funny. I mean he wants our kids to call him Big Matt, not Uncle Matt. I love it!

5.  He is strong. His arms are the size of one of my legs! He can lift me up with one arm. Impressive right?!

Happy Birthday Matt! We love you!