Friday, September 30, 2011

this weekend is special.

i am so excited for this weekend.  it's by far one of my most favorite.  i get the chance to listen to my church's general conference.  i usually feel like every talk is meant for me.  and afterwards i get that zest to do that much better.  i also feel overwhelmed and grateful beyond belief at the love my heavenly father has for me.  and i get to do all of this at one of my favorite places.  i can't wait!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

hello autumn.

teton village, teton national park, jackson hole wyoming
car ride shenanigans
staying in a beautiful home with its own private hot tub
early morning family get together for elk watching and breakfast (the mcgreg)
gordon spending time with two of his favorite people: the little man & baby k
hearing elk bugle in the dark
watching "a black bear with a brown nose eat berries"
hike to phelps lake
and spending time with extended family

Thursday, September 22, 2011

can't think of a better way to end the summer...

lake powell, utah
5 day trip on "the voyager" with the marsh family (no relation but we'd gladly be apart of their family if they'd have us)
learning how to jet ski
going off the houseboat slide
taking the leap off the houseboat diving board
crawling the red rocks with remote control rock crawlers
flying remote control air planes
outside movie under the stars on the top of the house boat
exploring indian ruins
enjoying some girl time and having my new friend courtney decorate my nails
tubing battles
and a stop at hollow mountain gas station

Monday, September 12, 2011

over the historical weekend: a church social, my cousin's wedding, and sunday dinner at mel's

friday evening i went to my first church relief society social.  i suppose i went because i was expected to be there.  i didn't particularly want to go.  but i am very happy i went.  to my surprise i enjoyed it.  i enjoyed the wonderful women i was able to mingle with and get to know.  feel of their sweet sincere love for one another.  it was an experience i needed.

on saturday my cousin, kristin on my dad's side of the family, got married.  her day was beautiful.  she walked down the aisle to her uncle playing the bagpipes.  that was my favorites part of her wedding.  my favorite part of her reception was the mariachi band performing.  because we were apart of the brides family our table was serenaded by them.  even though i have no idea what they are saying, i could listen to them for hours.

sunday september 11th didn't go by without remembering what had happened 10 years ago.  gordon and i talked about it while we got ready for church.  how old we were (he was a sophomore in high school, i was a senior), what we were doing (he was getting ready for school and saw it on the news channel his dad was watching that morning, i was picking up my friend for school when i heard it on the radio - confused, i kept changing the channel to find music when my friend approached my vehicle to tell me this was for real and to actually listen to what was being said) and how we felt (mostly shocked, and scared for those in the attacks).  while at mel's for dinner each of us shared our feelings and stories from that day 10 years ago.  we watched a little bit of news as we shared.  although not directly affected, it will be a day that i will remember forever.  the aftermath has been horrific.  a war that i don't agree with, that i feel has gone on for much too long.  my heart is full of gratitude for those courageous enough to serve our country, to protect this beautiful place i love and the many freedoms i enjoy.