Monday, June 9, 2014

this is thirty

that husband of mine...tricky tricky.
i was just going shopping with my sister then we were headed over to classic skating rink to what i thought was my mom's work's patient appreciation party.
turns out, it was MY PARTY!
gordon wanted it to be childhood themed.  and rollerblading was a huge part of my childhood.  we had a roller rink around the corner from my house.  i dare say i was there 3-4 times a week.  blade or die.

my mom is cooler than yours.  my mom also sprained her wrist on her last loop around the rink but whatever, she's still the coolest.

thank you mel for my little kid birthday cake.  it was one of the best carrot cakes i have ever had!
this is mystie.  she's been my bestie since 9th grade.  and now we're thirty.  holy cow.
my besties from work.
and my guy.  he's pretty special.  i'm pretty lucky.
the littlest man even took a lap or two around the rink.  was this the safest idea, probably not.  but was it fun, yes.  fun trumps safety.

i don't know how gordon will top this super fun party.  but i'm sure he'll find away.  he's like the best gift giver ever and now the best party thrower too.

Monday, June 2, 2014

life lately...

my friend and coworker received her masters degree.  to celebrate, she had a cowboy/cowgirl themed graduation party.  we're dubbing it the party of the year, it was so fun!

these ladies right here...they have become some of my bestest friends.  they make coming to work that much greater!
my friend since 9th grade, bree, is moving to flagstaff, az.  we had a little girls night to wish her the best.  we all bought "friendship watches." and said that every time we look at them we will think of each other.  yeah, we're awesome.  #timeforfriends
the time that we've all be dreading came and went.  my golden nephew has graduated from high school.  does it sound cliche if i say that went by so fast.  because it did.  he's grown up to such a handsome, smart, caring, and independent young man.  i love him so much!
remember that time when my sister and i showed up to going on our morning trail run wearing the same but different colored outfits.  oh yeah, i do.
that girl right there has me laughing all day long at work.  she my southern bell and i love her.
when life gets heavy and i need to find peace and answers, gordon and i go to the temple.  helps me every time.
sometimes i pretend its our wedding day all over again...okay not really but you would that by this photo.
our memorial day weekend was spent at home (no way we're going on an adventure over a holiday...too make folks out!).  the weather is getting warmer so we took the new kayak out for test float.  briggs may have got a little too relaxed and while dozing off fell right into the water.  luckily he had his life vest on!
i LOVE yoga.  and i LOVE stand up paddle boarding.  combine the two and my love exploded.  my fear of drowning (this girl can't swim!) heightened my adrenaline too. it was awesome.  i need a paddle board!
some times i pretend i'm crafty.  and in the midst of my crafts i get bored and think "why am i doing this." i'm just in it for the food and socializing, let's be real honest.
with the one and only indie ogden.  this girl has turned my little town in to an eventful place.  and she's not even a local!