Tuesday, July 30, 2013

travel diary: uinta national forest

i've decided that our spontaneous trips might be my favorite trips.  we decided while brushing our teeth friday morning to go camping somewhere in the uinta national forest.  i left all the details and planning to gordon (he does this for all of our camping trips.  if we go some place like new york city, i take much more of an active role in the planning process.  he knows the places to look for great camping and hiking spots, and i know the best places to look for great attractions and food.  needless to say, our trips are the best!).

we rolled into camp with just an hour of daylight left in the day.  we stayed on the rim of lily lake.  the view from our tent was beautiful.  the lilies were in full bloom!  our campsite may have been the best campsite we have had to this day.  and gordon brought our hammock.  sheer excitement filled my face when he told me on the drive  up that he brought it.  i was in heaven to say the least.  we had a campfire, roasted marshmallows, and enjoyed the great outdoors, just the two of us (and the dogs, they're always with us too).

on saturday we woke up, gordon made his famous camping breakfast of eggs, bacon, and potatoes, then we were off for a day of hiking.  the weather was perfect: overcast and cool.  we even got rained on (there was no lightning so we were okay to keep hiking...safety first kids!).  we decided to hike bald mountain, which is really more of a summit.  we climbed for about an hour and half up a very rocky path.  the dogs worked their tails off with all the jumping they did (we helped on the big rocks of course).  i love taking them with us.  we get comment after comment about how they are the smallest dogs people have ever seen on trails.  i take pride in that.  my dogs are not wuss dogs.

the hike was beautiful!  the view from 11943 feet is nothing short of awesome.  you see just how many lakes and mountain ranges surround you when you're up that high.  i loved it.

on the way home we stopped by provo falls.  another beautiful spot!

the unitas have so much to offer...can't wait to venture up there again.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

play date with the littles: play date at the park

we celebrated pioneer day with a play date in the park with the littles, because, well, we just can't get enough of them!

Monday, July 15, 2013

weekend moment: baseball, cotton candy, and a very special sleepover

this might have been my favorite weekend to date.
we had our first sleepover with little man!
first item on the agenda: a raptors baseball game.
first thing he said when we arrived was "whoa, this field is big!"
we ate foot long hot dogs.
he cheered for the opposing team (he thought it was hilarious!).
he bought his own cotton candy with his own money which he kept in his own wallet (i died...he's the cutest!) uncle gordon replaced the money in his wallet when he wasn't looking so he had money for another day.
and the next day when he woke up all he wanted to do was talk about what we dreamed about and how much fun we had the night before.  he also couldn't wait to play "outside games" in our backyard.  
seriously, it was the best weekend ever.  can't wait to do it again!

^^his arm wrapped in gordon's arm...oh little man, you melt my heart!

Friday, July 5, 2013

happy birthday america

we've been dreading the fourth of july.  it meant it was just one day closer to jodi, trevor, and stella moving to california.  the holiday was good to us though.  we crashed the cousin sleepover party (can't wait til we have a babe to add to the mix!!  we're still in the finding stage, just so you know) and then went to the flints farewell bbq.  little man is a natural at this whole rock climbing business.  he and gordon climbed to the top of the 32 foot rock wall.  it was a sight to see!  and i discovered a new talent of mine: tight rope walking.  we ended the day by going to the mountains behind our house to watch the fireworks across the ogden valley.

Monday, July 1, 2013

travel diary: bear lake, utah & bloomington lake, idaho

annual family bear lake trip!
on this trip:
i turned 29.
we paddleboarded all day everyday (SUP).
and milkshakes.
we took a day and headed to the mountains to explore bloomington lake.
gordon tested his luck and took the plunge on a rope swing (death or glory!)
since gordon didn't die, skyler took a turn.
we had an into the wild moment with an old abandoned bus.
and we enjoyed beautiful sunset after beautiful sunset.