Monday, March 23, 2015

travel diary: Moab, UT

we are no strangers to moab, utah.
we've visited many times...but going with people that have never been makes for a fun adventure.
so off we went with a few of our family members and friends.

gordon and i were very excited when one of our favorite utah county restaurants expanded even further south to spanish fork...a city we pass regularly.
we love introducing people to new, delicious food so we made a dinner stop on our way to moab to cubby's.
everyone was pleased.
it's always fun rolling in to camp late because you never know exactly what your camp will look like in the daylight.  we're always pleasantly surprised when we wake up to the beauty around us.
utah is rad.
we headed to tusher tunnel first thing in the morning.
love a great yoga photo op.
yoga all day every day!
next we headed into arches national park.
our sis in law had never been there before.
we hiked in the park all day.
so many arches...
utah is rad.
i absolutely love this photo...
there's not extraordinary about it...
but we look so happy.
adventures with him anywhere make me happy.
i just love him.
the next day we went on a hike we'd never done before. 
corona arch.
and the following day we explored catacomb rock.
and more yoga was done.

more yoga...
there's just something about nature that makes my mind and body yearn for yoga...
and so poses just come out.
corona arch
gordon had heard rumors of a desert tortoise living in the heart of a moab canyon...
so we went in search and low and behold we got to meet kobe, the desert tortoise.
and take a family photo with him.
at some pictographs there was also a section where Indians used to climb...
so gordon and his friends accepted the challenge and climbed to the top...
and each of them made it.
we also swam in a natural spring and made pit stops to town almost daily.
moab camping is unlike any other camping we normally do.
normally we're off the grid for days...
but the hikes and trails to drive are all throughout moab so you go through town often.
which isn't the worst thing...especially when they have this delicious little cafe called love muffin, 
who happens to have the best breakfast burritos ever. and their muffins are dang good too.
one of my favorite parts of the trip was when gordon's best friend, chris, and his wife, melissa, met up with us the last couple of nights of our trip.
we don't get to see them often because they live in st. george, but when we get together with them it's like we haven't skipped a beat...jokes and laughs follow as if we hung out the weekend before.

even though i came home with a terrible cold, i left this trip feeling so blessed to have such amazing friends in our lives.  and, as always, growing a deeper love for this beautiful state i live in.

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