Sunday, March 15, 2015

life lately...

most mornings, this is how abbi looks as i'm headed off to work.
i am always extremely jealous of her lazy days.

after 6 years of looking, we finally bought a new couch!

skyler turned 19!

our friend jr. bought a flip-pac.  i think we started a club: slow car, fast home.
the cute neighbor kids showing us their new toys: cap gun and wooden sword.

MK got the fanciest car seat and we spent an afternoon trying it in each of our cars.
i now want one.

jade turned 16!

gordon wanted a cute photo with tim...i think he got it!

saw ryan hamilton with my dad, sister, and other family and friends.

attended the temple with gordon's sisters, parents, and grandma.
we were able to seal even more of gordon's family together forever.
it was awesome!

i know i've told you how awesome our neighborhood is, but have i ever told you about our ward?
our ward is pretty fantastic, too.
i needed a melchizedek priesthood holder to play the role of king benjamin for my primary lesson.
gordon had just been the guest speaker the week before so he wasn't an option.
a new member named jake to the rescue!
he did amazing and the kids loved it.
i love teaching primary!

while gordon's sister was in town from california we had family photos taken.
we took this one ourselves...thanks justin!

cousin concert in the city!

met this girl who had the matching shirt to my pants...and her name is also Jessica!

uncle gordon playing telephone with tiny (we miss her when they go back home to cali...)

that one time when the waffle truck came to ogden so i got a couple of waffles to go and had a weekday date with my mister.

march madness at work...this is my new office roommate dressed up like moose. 
she's a good time.

and briggs turned 13!! birthday dinners for all in our house.

and we saw the funniest movie that i have seen a very long time.  anything with most of the cast from flight of conchords is bound to be amazing.

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